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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Tall Girl Treat: Your Pre-Spring Wardrobe Update

Is it spring yet? Is it? What do you mean no? There's loads of nice stuff about, I don't want to spend more time in an anorak.

Fine, fine. There's plenty to keep an eye on. Hush Puppies, for example: and here is where I apologise profusely for being on holiday for the last fortnight, because their absolutely gorgeous new range of 10s has pretty much sold out. No really, look, they were amazing.  Sorry.

But never mind! I've picked out some of my favourite pieces/bits/gorgeous things from the new ranges. We have so much to look forward to, not least spring lines, and the slavering prospect of April, when ASOS finally launches its Tall range. *does fanfare*

ASOS have been dripfeeding in a few bits and pieces of Tall stuff, but as it's mostly cut-offs and crop tops, I wouldn't get too excited yet. It's a work in progress. April my friend, April.

This beautiful obi dress is one of the few pieces that's on the money right now. It's £40, you can also get it in black, and it comes in sizes 6 to 16.

Before its own range however, ASOS gets Taller Than Your Average, who launched last year. Their range of jersey basics will be stocked on the site from the end of this week priced between £30 and £60. Here's a sneak peek of what to expect.

Flippy dresses? Yes please. Colour? Yes please. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this range pans out.
I keep looking at this cardigan and smiling as though it's some kind of brilliant puppy. Instead, it's a completely brilliant colour block cardigan from Long Tall Sally (£55, sizes XS to XL).

If you can't stretch to £55 - and fair enough, I say - then head to H&M where their excellent cotton basic cardies are just £9.99 in a rainbow of colours. I've just bought yet another in coral to replace my haggard old one, and the sleeves come halfway over my hands. #bliss

Arm this folk dress from Topshop Tall with a really good, thick belt and you've got yourself a winner. This is £42 and in sizes 8 to 16.
The new spring stock from Tall Girls comes in next week - this Aztec midi skirt is £25 in sizes 10 to 18.

And how gorgeous is that swallow blouse (top, in stock now)? Lovely detailing on the collar, completely bomb-proof fabric (I have two blouses in that material - no ironing needed, no special washing cycle faff either). It's £42 in sizes 10 to 16.


(I literally can't be bothered with non-colourful shoes at the moment, but all of these are available in other colourways if you're feeling less over the rainbow than I)

YUM! Yum yum yum yum yum! These gold heels are fan-freaking-tastic, in sizes 9 to 11 and £39. GET THEM, YOU FOOLS. Ahem. There are also some beautiful blue patent ones, and a collection of lovely suede in various colours, most of which have their 10s and 11s on sale still. Beautiful.
Block heels are having what is obnoxiously referred to as "a moment", but they are so endlessly comfortable and useful that they should be having "a forever". These gorgeous, smart, fabulous navy ones are £50 from Long Tall Sally in sizes 7 to 11.
Swoon heart print slippers from Topshop, up to size 42 (9), £28. Delicious. Done. Charlotte Olympia on the (very, very) cheap.

I LOVE these Ardon monk straps from DUO, available in scarlet, black and brown. They're £110 and go up to a size 42 (9) in a choice of three widths.

Mmm, now all I need is to tell the crocuses in the park to carry on with their endeavours and it'll be spring before we know it.



    Kat, do you own that dress yet? It would look so incredible on you. Especially with your 'Oh, I've just been in Thailand reading books' tan.

  2. Yes! My amazing tan! Which I definitely have! I have such a long lust list at the moment. That obi dress is full on it, but I'm going to have to be good and wait til next month when I've bought tedious things like cat litter and bills.

  3. I've been eyeing up that Obi dress in green for ages but a bit worried about the low neckline/need for bra issues. Worth the risk?

  4. Those shoes!!! ALL of those shoes!! But especially the heart shoes and the gold shoes and the.... well, all of them.


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