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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Etsy Pick: Rock Cakes

I've been eyeing up Sarah Meredith's (aka Rock Cakes) pieces for a long time now. As we both hail from Brighton and I'm a massive craft fair nerd I've been lucky enough to ogle her jewellery displays a number of times now and there's always something that brings a smile to my face. Like this Whatever The Weather brooch collection for £15.95 (including delivery). That's right: it includes all FIVE brooches; so I can match the outdoors in style.

Actually yes, I do want a Fucking Medal. This probably the greatest brooch I have ever laid eyes upon. It's also £15.95 and comes in a choice of ribbon colours.

Well hello to you too. Make friends everywhere you go with one of these wooden hand painted 'Hello' necklaces for £17.18.

Swots are sexy. Wear your academic leanings proudly for everyone to see with this Pencil & Ruler brooch combo for £14.11

There's an adorably large collection of individual Woodland brooches at a variety of prices and, as I couldn't pick just one, it's rather genius of her to let me pick any three for £15.95 instead.

For all you pedal pushers out there may I present the perfect badge of honour, which is in fact a necklace? Sarah has a number of bicycle themed pieces but I just love the audacious size of this birch wood necklace, also for £15.95.

It's not just wood she works with - there's also an incredible selection of jewellery made using precious metals and gems. Some, understandably, come in at the higher end of the price scale but they're all gorgeous and a little bit different like this sweet little King Hedgehog ring. It's £154.55 but considering his eyes are made from black diamonds, that's pretty amazing.

Lastly, and just because it's makes me smile every time I look at it, is this Rainbow Gemstone ring, made using ruby, emerald, amethyst and four (!) different sapphires. It's a little out of my budget at £215.87 but, until my birthday, at least looking is free.


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