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Monday 10 February 2014

Etsy Pick: Becky, Queen of Frocks

I first mentioned Becky, Queen of Frocks in Sluttery Sales Spy last November, when one of her fabulous skirts was happily discounted. Now the time has come for me to write all about her wonderful wares - this woman definitely deserves to be our Etsy Pick, for services to pretty patterns and classic cuts. 

Exhibit #1: this bicycle-print skirt. It's available in sizes 6-14 and costs £60. As all of Becky's pieces are handmade in Nottingham, if you're looking for a larger size, she can usually make-to-order (up to size 20) within seven days. 

I really want this postage stamp skirt. I could probably post myself wearing it. With that many stamps, I'd surely be a fully-paid-up large letter. 

Becky's MO is cutting her clothes to vintage patterns, using modern-day fabrics. The Clarke & Clarke Teatime print on this tea cups skirt may be available to buy in the 21st century, but it's a classic and seeped in nostalgia and whimsy. Also, it's making me quite thirsty for a brew.

This is the map skirt that first caught my attention last year. I think it's still my favourite fabric of Becky's - I'd spend hours staring at my thighs if I was wearing this. A very good outfit for adventure planning. 

Becky, Queen of Frocks isn't just about skirts (and, um, frocks) though. This sleeveless, button-back blouse is £30 - I adore those wee houses. Look closely and you can see rocking chairs, clocks, and what appears to be a towel hanging on a wall. I feel a bit dirty for having snooped inside. 

From last week's night sky illustrations by The Blackbird Sings to this constellations scarf, it's becoming apparent that I have a major Thing for stars. Woo Professor Brian Cox for just £20. 

I already own a pair of pyjamas resplendent with bananas, so I guess the next logical step is a pair of sleepy-shorts covered in watermelon slices. Very soon I'll have a whole fruit bowl of nightwear. These come in all sizes from Small (6-10) to XL (18-22), and are £18. Shout-out to the cute chest of drawers, too. It would go really well with my wardrobe.  

If you're the sort of girl who can wear a playsuit without a) having a nervous breakdown every time you need a wee, and b) looking like an overgrown baby (it's a no from me on both counts), this polka dot number is very nice indeed. It has lovely little buttons on the shoulders, and - more importantly - POCKETS. Not on the shoulders, obviously. That would be odd. It's £45, and goes up to an 18. 

Remember to send Becky a message via her Etsy store if you want something in a different size or fabric. Happy browsing! 


  1. Currently resisting the urge to buy them all! The bike and world map print skirts would be lovely for summer. There's also a particularly cheery umbrella print one on Becky's Etsy shop which I love as well.

  2. I think I need that tea cup skirt! And maybe the little houses dress... And that constellation scarf... And those watermelon sleep shorts...!!


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