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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Beauty products that look as good in your bathroom as they do on you

We've all been lured in by the packaging of a pretty beauty product, only to find it's terrible on the skin. But there are some brands that take both design and efficacy very seriously, and the result is products that look beautiful and luxurious on your dressing table, but also do what they're supposed to. Here are some of my favourite brands to turn to for beauty treats that you'll want to show off and use up!

There's no shortage of pretty perfume bottles in the world, but so often said pretty bottle disguises a truly disgusting, synthetic scent. Not so with heritage brand Penhaligon's, where the focus is on classic blends and timeless fragrances that just happen to come in the prettiest vintage-style bottles. Whether you like true florals like rose and bluebell, or something more exotic and woody, there is a perfume for you. Obviously the Domestic Sluttery scent of choice is Juniper Sling, aka the Gin Perfume.

You have to respect a brand that can make a bottle of nail polish remover covetable, and that's exactly what Paul & Joe has done (that's it, top right). Cutesy boudoir is the name of the game for the French label, which is probably most famous for its cat-shaped lipsticks and limited edition printed packaging. The good news? The products are actually very high quality too. Trust me, I've had cat on my face multiple times.

Some of the best beauty brands in the business were launched by makeup artists (Bobbi Brown, anyone?) and the latest is one of the most highly anticipated and gorgeous ever. Charlotte Tilbury excels at making the most of your natural beauty, with a range that starts with skincare (her Magic Cream is already legendary) and then includes glow-inducers, sexy taupe shadows and killer lipsticks. But the real sell is how glamorous everything looks. Who knew an eyelash curler could look so much better in rose gold?

If you prefer your bathroom to resemble a French chemist rather than a girly boudoir, L'Occitane is the place to go. So many people only know this brand for its hand creams, but I actually don't rate them and think the real gems are elsewhere. One friend always stocks her bathroom with the lavender liquid soap, and I can't wait to use it when I visit. My favourites come from the incredible Immortelle skincare range, which comes packaged in cool yellow and blue glass jars and bottles, and will make your skin look amazing. The Divine cream is exactly that!

Finally, you can pretend you run a victorian apothecary when you start shopping for skincare at Aesop. The Aussie brand is all about combining nature and science, with a heavy focus on anti-oxidant ingredients. The branding is instantly recognisable, and though it was actually designed to be simple so it wouldn't detract from the products themselves, it's become cult with minimalists worldwide. The shops are a joy to behold, the complete antithesis of a crowded, busy beauty hall. The products themselves are meticulously concocted, smell incredible and do what they're supposed to do.


  1. You're missing a trick here for beautiful and functional products - I swear by these:

    I stumbled across them by chance at the Tweseldown Artisan Market - lovely lady who runs the company, gorgeous looking (and smelling) products, British made, and...most importantly THEY WORK. The eye cream is what sold me on the whole range as I suffer really badly with dark application had me amazed with the difference, it really is amazing. I then started using their Daily Defence moisturiser and am similarly hooked. I've always ha dblemish prone skin, and most moisturisers either dry out my face completely or make my oily patches MOAR OILY but the daily defence cream balances me out and leaves me oil free by supple all day. I'm gojng to try the night cream next and there is a face wash in the pipeline that I'm ridiculously excited about. Check them out!! It would be great to see them on DS (something else I love a lot!)

    Laura x (ps I'm aware I sound like I work for their marketing department or am being paid to endorse them or something but I truly am not, I just love them so much that I recommend them any time I see an opening!!)

  2. Laura speaks the truth and has amazing skin!


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