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Monday 7 April 2014

Hot Over The Collar

Wearing collars as a separate fashion accessory is a trend that's been around a while now, and one that seems to be getting better with age. The first examples were very sparkly and pretty and generally in Peter Pan styles and - while I'd be happy with any of those terms being described to me or my clothes - I like it that the designs have now become a little bit more interesting.

That means you get pieces like this stunning trapezist collar from scarf designer extraordinaire Cleo Ferin Mercury. It's printed on silk twill and of course I want two colourful, strapping athletes enhancing my chest. I'm not alone: although it's part of her Autumn/Winter collection, it's already sold out on pre-orders. Hopefully there will be more in stock very soon - it's £47.

Fiona Heather makes beautiful hand-screenprinted clothes and accessories. The detail on this bird collar is fantastic: a piece of wearable art for only £25. She's also got a butterflies and bees design that's equally lovely.

Ina Shin of Tiny Track creates intricate collars and collar necklaces using suede and leather in fab geometric patterns. This design is £32 from her Etsy shop.

But it's not just collars: faux shirts are becoming increasingly popular again - great for making a jumper look a little bit sharper without bulking it up too much. This Coco houndstooth collar is from Mr Start Woman and costs £59.50. Just take a look at Jean - my favourite of the 'fabulous fashionista' ladies - wearing a similar style here for inspiration.

It's actually a revival of a really old trend, as Victorian and Edwardian ladies used to wear similar garments under their tailored jackets. This isn't that old but this 1970s collar is a very pretty example of the style (albeit one that's in need of an iron). It's only £15 from ASOS marketplace.

American Apparel have a rainbow of vintage collars in stock, taken from silk shirts from the 1980s and 90s. These red beauties are £13 each.

Another way to wear a collar - as a necklace. This Scottish heather necklace is £14 from La La Land.

The beading on this Cabochon collar, meanwhile, is beautiful. It's £30 from Plumo.

This cute collar necklace might be made from metal, but it's all sweetness and light - perfect for prettying up an everyday top. It's £29 from Oliver Bonas.

But the bargain of this post has to be this gold pleated collar. Simple but striking, it's a mere £10 from the V&A Shop.

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