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Monday 28 April 2014

Excellent Women: Wendy Bevan

Portrait by Martina Scorcucchi

I juggle a number of different jobs - I write as a journalist, but also as a copywriter and editor; I've just started to work as a producer and I used to be a stylist. And I don't think I'm alone, I have many friends who are keen to try lots of things. After all, we only get one life, why spend it doing just one job if there's more than one thing that interests you? My excellent woman this week is Wendy Bevan, one of a new breed of artists who are thriving on a similar approach to life.

All the following images are by Wendy Bevan

It was Wendy's photography that I first came across and I instantly fell in love with her use of analogue film, as well as the wonderful models and stylists she works with. She's done shoots for Vogue Italia and countless other fashion bibles, has photographed legends like Tilda Swinton and Debbie Harry and she's about to exhibit a collection of self portraits, shot on her signature polaroid camera. 

But this is only one of Wendy's talents; the forthcoming exhibition is an audio visual experience set to music composed by Wendy. Oh yes, she happens to also be a brilliant composer, talented musician, show-stopping singer and prolific actress. To call her multi-talented is something of an understatement- you can read my full review of the recent show she put on, but in short it was the most inspirational live music event I've been to in years. Wendy wasn't just singing, she'd created a persona that came alive with a combination of her wonderful acting talents and her haunting voice. She's also sung and performed with the inimitable Punchdrunk, most recently in their New York production Sleep No More. 

I'm a huge fan of some of the short films Wendy has made too - 'Reaching for the moon' is one of my favourites.

"Films inspire me, theres a very visual side to music and I aim to create a world found within the space between image and sound."

On being asked about working in so many different media, Wendy explains,

"I treat all of them as one. They all come from the same place, but are different strands of my voice as an artist. It's how I choose to platform them that is vital in their integrity."

What can we expect from her new exhibition, Slow Light at London's The Cob Gallery from 8th to 31st May?

"Slow Light is a combination of new photographic work and music, choreographed and curated using projections and space. As an installation it aims to be an immersive experience for the audience."

And why the fondness for analogue film in a digital age?

"Because I understand how I can express myself this way. Digital doesn't answer my questions."

If only all 'selfies' were this beautiful.

You can buy Wendy's work online here.


  1. Yet this comment is surely worthy of a Pulitzer.

  2. Very much liked that short film, may have to take a lil' trip to the Cob Gallery next month. Slightly off topic now but I always thought it was pretentious drivel? Did I get it wrong? I like my words and now I'm wondering!

    1. You're absolutely right: Drivel (meaning nonsense) would be the correct word to use but it's similar to 'dribble' in origin. Apparently from the Old English 'dreflian'. It meant to make meaning unclear, with erm... word dribble.


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