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Monday 28 April 2014

Clearly Wonderful Bags

I don't know where I've been (probably looking for hidden unicorns or something) but I obviously missed that important announcement. You know, the one that decreed that our bags were no longer allowed to be the holders of our deepest, darkest secrets, and long gone soft pieces of chewing gum. Instead, bags are now meant to be shiny and transparent, revealing exactly what shit we've been carting around all day, much like this transparent shoulder bag from &Other Stories. That'll be £65 for the privilege please.

But, after a little bit of bag angst, I've reasoned these see-through bags are actually A GOOD THING. A see-through bag may well encourage me to be just a little bit tidier in my bag ways and it'll certainly help me find things I've dropped into its depths. It will simultaneously manage to reveal to potential suitors what marvellous thing I'm reading while indicating to any potential assailants that, yep, I'm really not carrying the family jewels in there.

(Of course you could always use a transparent bag that looks like it's already decorated with the family jewels. Something like this perspex box clutch, £35 from River Island.)

What could be more fun than getting ready to hit the beach with this jelly beach bag, £32 from Accessorize? (Although I'm not sure where I'd hide my bra and pants I'll need post swim.)

I think all this transparency may be down to Klear Klutch - a someone niche product that's managing to 'have a moment', and that's influencing everyone from Accessorize to Lulu Guinness (check out her transparent neon lips clutch). This neon number is £39 from Start.

But even they seem to have got wise to the fact that not everyone wants to put everything out on display. It's nice to have somewhere to stash a few secrets, even if all you're trying to hide is the embarrassing photo on your staff pass. This Klear Klutch comes with a leather purse and is a somewhat pricier £115 for it.

You can get a similar look on the cheap, with something like New Look's range of brightly coloured transparent clutches, only £9.99 each.

Or this clear backpack that may reveal a lot, but that especially reveals a sense of practicality, with its own separate coin purse. It's £28 from ASOS (you'll use the coin purse to store any change of course).

This Camilla cross-body bag from Therapy is a classy and clever way to play with the look. It's got a transparent front pocket for all your show-off bits and a regular pocket for regular life, all for £39.

But the easier way to show some transparency has to be this Pull and Bear bag, with its regular, all concealing, all flattering black bottom, and transparent trim. It's only £14.50 too, so you'll probably have some cash left over to spend on crap to fill it with.

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  1. I think it says it all that none of the catalogue pictures show the bags with STUFF in them!

    They are beautiful empty though.


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