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Tuesday 29 April 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: The Shop of Interest

My little internet jaunt started with jewellery Kirsty Fraser. I really love her walnut honeycomb necklaces and noticed that she sells her work in The Shop of Interest in Glasgow. It seems that she's in very good company there, TSOI's online shop is packed full of brilliant designers.

This Beetle purse is £10 and it's by Craig Fellows. I love it because I'm quite easily distracted and will forget I bought a purse with bugs on. It'll make me jump every time I get it out of my bag. That'll be great fun.

I'm going to be wondering for a while about why this necklace is called 'lemon incest', but I do really like it. This design is by Alice Bosc and it's £24. Wear over a shirt, like most of my favourite jewellery it looks a bit stabby.

I do love a fancy pants bird. Let's be honest, peacocks are pretentious buggers and that's why we love them. Let's invite them over for a cuppa. This Alice Shields mug is £12.

There used to be a chap who rode a penny farthing around Greenwich (yes, it's fully as wanky as it sounds). I haven't seen him recently, maybe he's got a puncture. Might buy this Penny farthing tea towel as a memento.

This fox fabric brooch is adorable. I'm not sure how he'll hold up in the rain, but I like him so much. He's £7.50. I also like this sleepy owl brooch. I'm all a bit Animals of Farthing Wood today.

I have no idea how to be a ghost (first step: acquire white bed sheet?), I need this guide, obviously. It's only £4. There's so much more stuff of interest in The Shop of Interest. This is just a snippet so go nose about and spend your money on interesting things.


  1. This is all just wonderful. I've got a thing for spiky necklaces too. 'Lemon Incest' is creepy song that Serge Gainsbourg did with his DAUGHTER, but I have no idea why the necklace is named after it.

    1. Isn't everything lovely? That is a REALLY odd name for a necklace, though. Still, it's nice to know there's a vague reason for it.


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