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Thursday 10 April 2014

Cute or Creepy? Kate Gilliland

I spotted Kate Gilliland's work while I was mooching about The Wellcome Collection shop (a very excellent place for mooching, make sure you get a sausage roll from the Peyton & Byrne cafe). Gilliland's work is everything I want in a jewellery range: it's elegant, it's high quality and it's just erring on the right side of creepy.

Kate describes her work as wearable natural history and I like that. Sure, it's a bit macabre but there's a connection to nature with the pieces that Kate creates and that feels natural.

This little crab pendant was cast from a real crab and I think he's quite adorable. Crabs in real life actually creep me out. It's the sideways walking, that's really quite odd.

And the tiny pincers can do a lot of damage, they look like little armoured sea monsters about to go into battle. With your toes. Inappropriately related: it's really hard to write about crabs without mentioning our crab linguine.

These tiny silver bird skull cufflinks are just small enough to be sweet and sinister. Any larger and I think we'd be getting into creepy bird lady territory.

Type type type, look at this cute little QWERTY crab tapping about all over my keyboard. I love this ring so much. Definitely my favourite piece.

How about a ring made from a bone found in an owl pellet? Could have come from a mouse or shrew. I like that Kate makes me think a little bit about the natural world.

NO. JUST NO. I concede. The dead frog necklace is creepy as fuck.

Double crabs! I love how they're dangling from the chain, like they've been caught on a fishing line. The crab pieces are definitely my favourite and I'm a huge fan of Kate's work. Prices start at £25 for a pair of studs. Mr Crab is £165.


  1. The gold crab ring is completely amazing. Want!

    1. He is definitely my favourite piece. It's because he'd dance across my keyboard as I typed.


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