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Friday 11 April 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: People Tree, Sugarhill Boutique & Habitat

It's time to sale away in a beautiful pea-green boat! I have the honey, the money, the small guitar, and I'm pretty sure I know where we can find a Piggy-wig. We may be away for some time, though. Possibly a year and a day? Can you get it off work? Yeah? Okay. Hop in. 

I forgot to tell you that we'll have to get married, too. I'm guessing you're fine with that. 


Peter Jensen Rabbit dress, £47.60 (was £68), People Tree
Let's begin in the spirit of Easter, with a whole bundle of bunnies. Confused? Come along, dear reader - let's peer and goggle at this Peter Jensen dress from People Tree:

RABBITS! So many rabbits. Clearly they've been breeding, as behoves them. The lesser-known Scribble Face rabbit is particularly fecund, as we can see here. Little buggers.

Botanical Garden dress, £25 (was £50), Sugarhill Boutique
*Wise Fashion Face* Botanicals are big this spring, usurping even our old favourite, the groundbreaking floral. Basically, get a twig or a leaf on your clothes, and you're going to be OMG TOTES ON TREND, etc. This Botanical Gardens dress from Sugarhill Boutique is handily named so we're in no doubt, plus there are definitely both twigs and leaves galore. Saves covering yourself in glue and flailing around in a park, doesn't it? Although that does sound fun.


Forum heels, £69.95 (was £118), Anthropologie
I do like a jazzy heel. One thing, though: I don't understand how other women keep theirs looking nice. How do you do it, other women? I scuff mine on the very first wear, usually when stepping off the pavement. Am I just a bad walker? Should I be STRIDING, and therefore avoiding all potential scuffers? Before diagnosing me, you should note that I tore holes in two pairs of suede (it was fake suede, don't worry) shoes in ONE DAY last week, by opening my front door over the top of my foot. I may be a lost cause. These Forum heels from Anthropologie wouldn't stand a chance.

Senso Fado flats, £52 (was £128), ASOS

I have more success with jazzy toes, so hurrah for these Senso Fado flats, which have 60% off in the ASOS sale (I am not a natural maths person - I'm still learning my times tables at 34 - so I'm very proud of working out that percentage). I'm enjoying the cowboy-esque toe and the matte pink snakeskin. If you enter the code GIMME15 at the checkout any time between now and 8am on Monday, you'll get an extra 15% off. I'm not working it out for you. I am mathematically exhausted.


Cat skirt, £11 (was £16), ASOS
Could this be the skirt to finally break my No White Please, I'm A Chronic Spiller rule? Quite possibly. Why? CAT FACES. If I spill, I'll just be adding some markings to their little white faces. Or paw prints!

Archival Collection No.2 Pencil skirt, £67.95 (was £98), Anthropologie
The toppest of top marks to the clever clogs who thought a pencil pencil skirt would be a good idea. IT IS. It is marvellous. Let's zoom in:

Ah! I'm having vivid and painful flashbacks to the time I visited the Pencil Museum and it was cruelly closed. I bet the whole thing is upholstered in pencil fabric. The silver lining here is that I can now wear a pencil pencil skirt when I finally get to go. Again. When it's open. Pfft.   


Set of four Freda spice canisters, £14.40 (was £18), Habitat
I'm a big fan of the concept of spice canisters. Wouldn't it be lovely to be shot of all those Schwartz jars - or the own-brand ones that are actually quite good because you can make rude words with them - and have all your spicy stuff arranged neatly in countertop-worthy containers? Yes, yes it would. Until you go to use your ground ginger and have to spend 15 minutes frantically inhaling cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, coriander, turmeric, garam masala, that hot chocolate you misguidedly thought you'd store in there... hmm. Non. But still - these Freda spice canisters from Habitat are very tempting. I'll just have to embrace random recipe spicing.

Alessi Tigrito cat bowl, £35.65 (was £47.50), Mulberry Hall
I've saved the best 'til last, haven't I? Darling little Nancy eats her dinner from this Alessi Tigrito bowl, and she is a big fan (I should point out that she's a cat, although goodness knows, I've been tempted to get one for my morning cereal). Cat food in one side, cat milk in the other, and the stainless steel inserts are easily removed for cleaning (they're dishwasher-safe, too). You can carry the bowls around by the cat's tail, which is novel, because hopefully you don't carry your actual cat around by its tail. PRO TIP: if you do, you're doing cats a bit wrong.

If yellow doesn't appeal, the Tigrito comes in black and white, grey and white, and pale blue, so you can match it to your cat. CATS CAN BE BLUE. I've seen Benny the Ball.

Have you bought anything nice this week? I bought shoes covered in cats. I may have a bit of a crazy cat lady reputation. 


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  2. I want everything - and may have just purchased the 'too clumsy to wear white but love it anyway' cat skirt!

  3. Love the Alessi bowl. A bargain at the reduced price.

  4. I thought it was only me who could do the 'shoe run over by a door thing'. Two weeks ago I did it to an almost brand new pair of vans - gutted.


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