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Monday 7 April 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Mengsel

Hands up who likes patterns? Hands up who likes colours? Hands up who likes ANIMALS? Help me, I've run out of hands. If you have also run out of hands, you're going to love Mengsel.

South African designer Luzelle van der Westhuizen lives and works in London, where she creates beautiful and bright graphic prints and homewares under the Mengsel banner. Having already worked with the likes of Marc Jacobs, her latest collaboration is with Sluttery favourite Magpie, fine purveyors of Very Good Things, including the espresso cups I featured in last week's Sales Spy. Look up, and you will see some more fabulous espresso cups, part of the Mengsel x Magpie Abode range. The set is £22.50.

Also part of the Abode range are these storage tins. I adore that mouse. I might buy the mouse mug. Possibly the tea towel, too. And the print. JUST GIVE ME ALL THE MICE. 

Ahem. Back to the matter in hand: the storage tins are £16. The wooden monkey isn't included, as far as I know. Shame.

Outside of her Magpie collaboration, Luzelle's designs are just as bold. I didn't ever think of myself as someone for whom fabric napkins were a necessity, but this swan design has made me rethink my entire personality. I would get a bit tetchy if anyone actually used one to wipe their mouth, though. They're far too pretty for that. A set of four costs £20. 

I do admire any designer who has a dedicated section for coffee prints. This limited edition Moka Express silkscreen print is £60, and comes in an array of colours, neon pink clearly being the best of those. 

This is Robots In Love, presumably based on DH Lawrence's little-known work of the same name. And it's in the sale, reduced from £35 to £23. 

Finally, a cushion, because if there's one thing we always need more of, it's cushions. This one's called Bigger Boat, which I hope is a Jaws reference. It's £30. I also like the toucans design, just £15 in the sale. 

There's a lot more to discover at Mengsel, including lots of really cute things for tiny people (babies, specifically, rather than Kylie and Prince). Go and explore! DON'T buy all the mouse stuff, please. 

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