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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Plus Size Picks: MS.SVG

One of the hardest things about writing this column is limiting the amount I rely on US plus size stores. Nobody likes those hefty international shipping costs, or the two week wait, or the customs charge 'lottery'. But they really do have things better in the USA when it comes to choice, and it can be tough not to include all the IGIGI and Monif C I possibly can.

That's why I was so excited to hear about MS.SVG ("Ms Seriously Very Gorgeous"), a new UK plus size retailer inspired by the products available across the pond. It promises stylish, trend-led pieces, UK exclusive clothing, with nary a navy tent in sight. Plus, look at the models!

Right now, the collection is small. Stand-out pieces, like the Cabiria silk dress (£300) at the top of the post are mostly in the designer section and quite pricey, but basics start at around £20. This is a new venture in its infancy, and it's relying heavily on Carmakoma and Junarose for the best affordable stuff. But if it takes off, I can see good things in the future. If this selection of printed trousers and cool jackets are anything to go by, they have a savvy buying team who take risks.

Also in the designer section, you'll find plus size stalwart Anna Scholz, plus some brilliantly bonkers creations from US label Rue 114, like this killer prom dress (£165, blue wig optional). The styles in the current collection mix African wax fabrics with shapes like full skirts and peplums, and the results are gorgeous (and just a little bit Chinelo-from-the-sewing-bee). 

I have high hopes for this site, and suggest that if you like what they're doing, you get in there now and show your support by shopping! Here's hoping in a few month's time the collection will have tripled and everyone will be parading around in gorgeous frocks that were never unnecessarily held to ransom at UK customs!

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