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Thursday 17 April 2014

Tall Girl Treat: Miss Selfridge Flapper Dresses

I know. Let's take a moment to reflect on a Tall Girl Treat from Miss Selfridge, which I have historically found to be a petite/extremely slender girl's heaven. But OH! These dresses are the bomb. I walked past them while using Miss Selfridge as an escape route from Oxford Street Topshop the other day and you've never seen my head snap round faster.

I am a sucker for 20s and 30s dressing, and even more of a sucker for bright colours. Not only do these fabulous dresses combine the two, with some extremely good attention to detail, but they are oh so long. I mean, mega long. The right length for me (6'1) long and so therefore hopefully the right length for you.

Let us begin.
Red flapper dress
Bonnie fuchsia flapper dress
Bonnie coral flapper dress
Absolutely mad love for the Bonnie flapper dress. I had a brilliant one with spaghetti straps that I got from New Look for about £15 when I was a university fresher, and it lasted years. These, and indeed all the Miss Selfridge dresses are SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive, but the detail is amazing. No idea why the red one isn't listed under Bonnie as it is exactly the same style.

Seriously. Go to your nearest branch and peer at them. They are, to misquote Eddie Izzard, covered in beads. Beads, glitter and utterly spectacular fringeing: these are amazing. Let's have a look at them with a woman in them.

It's here that cries of "But I bet the model's only 5'8!" will start - but no. The fabric finishes on the knee on me and there is loads of below knee fringe swishing.  Go and try it on now as they are running out online. The dresses come in sizes 8 to 16 and cost £190. I know, ouch. But these are monumentally good frocks.

Nude embellished maxi, £120
I only held this embellished maxi dress up against myself to curl my lip at the inevitable swinging that would ensure (cough, Monsoon). But no. This was brilliantly long and went right to my feet. Reader, I nearly fainted and squashed a teenage girl. Sizes 4 to 16, £120, wear them with a pair of really gorgeous flats.

If you prefer something a bit more traditionally 30s, then it also comes in a purer nude without the pink. LOVE that cutout back. Sizes 4 to 14, also £120.

These are the ones I got my hands on, but Miss Selfridge has a more extensive range of flapper frocks in different styles that could be worth a whirl. In the meantime, ignore the godawful film and get your Gatsby on in style.


  1. I love them so much! They're all gorgeous. But alas, my hips and tits do not work with a drop-waist. I have tried, but I have to yearn from afar.

  2. lovely! but at 5 foot 5 I would look like a small child in my mummy's dress

  3. As a 6' tall size 18 - sad forever :(

    1. Don't be sad Ana! Use them as inspiration for other frocks. (@Clare - ha yes, no point petites trying on the Tall Girl Treats any more than me trying on Sara's petite recommendations. You can get the embellished frock in the petite range too, have a look)


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