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Wednesday 2 April 2014

Top Condensed Milk Recipes

Condensed milk is brilliant stuff. You can pour it over desserts, stir it into tea and coffee, or boil it in the can to make caramel, it's seriously versatile. At Sluttery HQ, we're dedicated fans of the sweetened stuff. To be completely honest, all we really need is a spoon and a bit of privacy and we'll make short work of a can of it. Fortunately (for our dignity), we've got some delicious ways to use it in recipes, too.

Why mess around with cream and sugar to make fudge when condensed milk does just as good a job? We make loads of fudge at Christmas, but when you make it in the rest of the year, you don't have to give it away! No matter what your favourite chocolate is, you'll be able to have awesome fudge, you can even add pistachios for some crunch. When you really want fudge, but don't want to cook it, there's even a no-cook version.

While you're making sweet treats, you should probably have a go at these chilli chocolate brigadieros. If that's not enough to make elevenses great, don't forget Fifteens (that's not for eating at 3pm, it's the number of each ingredient that goes into it, although feel free to eat them whenever you like).

Just as adding condensed milk to coffee makes a wonderful drink, adding coffee jelly to condensed milk panna cotta makes a wonderful dessert. Halwa is another excellent way to end a meal and hot cross butter pudding is seasonally sensational.

Ok, I hear you shouting, "what about banoffee pie?!" Don't worry, we've got it covered, and a lime meringue pie, too. No-cheese cheesecake? Sounds like witchcraft, really it's down to the lemon and condensed milk doing its thing.

How gorgeous does this coconut ice cake look? Almost too good to eat - almost. You can also use condensed milk to make an egg free cake like our Battenberg Simnel cake. Fancy some biscuits to go with all that cake? Minty millionaire's shortbread is a delicious twist on the original. Our cranberry cereal bars have seeds and nuts in them so you can pretend they're healthy while you eat them!

Dulche de leche, confiture de lait, milk jam, call it what you like, this Earl Grey scented beauty is the only thing you'll ever want to put on toast (I made it last weekend, now it's all I want to eat). If you prefer to drink your tea, not eat it, make some chai concentrate.

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  1. Coconut macaroons too- just coconut, condensed milk and egg-easy!

    1. Ooo that sounds good Katie, got a recipe? :D


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