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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Dream Dress: Nancy Mac

Romance, craftsmanship, uniqueness ... sound familiar? Yep, it's exactly the qualities I was praising vintage wedding dresses for last week. It's not too surprising they can also be applied to the dresses made by Nancy Mac as I discovered this company while on the search for wedding dresses. And these designs from sisters Hannah and Sarah McMahon, or as they describe them "beautiful garments with a gorgeous vintage twist", could easily be worn by brides, bridesmaid or anyone who simply wants a bloody nice dress to wear to a wedding.

All of the designs have lovely details, such as the platinum lace overlay over the duck blue lining as seen on the Olivia dress above. These are definitely special occasion dresses and by that you know I mean they're more expensive than your average dress: Olivia is £149 for example. But they are timeless styles that should see you through many happy events. 

Lots of the designs use lace, but in many different styles - swoon over the rose lace used on the 1950s silhouette of the Gabrielle above for starters.

It's also used in lots of eye-catching colour combinations: I love the bronze lace used with the violet lining of this Kirsten dress.

There are more streamlined styles available too, such as the sophisticated 1940s silhouette of the Sable maxi dress, shown here in teal and yours for £139.

Spend any time rooting around on the Nancy Mac website (please do, it's full of gorgeous things) and you'll notice they repeat the same shapes through their collections, updated in new fabrics and colours. So here's Sable as a midi dress, and in stone for example, and Gabrielle in a rose print.

There are plenty more flattering shapes to seek out. I love the sweetheart neckline on the Adelle dress above (currently on sale too)...

... and the scoop neckline of this Blaine dress, made all the prettier for the bright pink pattern and ribbon belt (matching balloons to your dress also applauded).

They make beautiful cover-up options too, such as this embroidered lace jacket, currently reduced in the sale to £49.

And this Fleur print shrug, brilliant for adding some bohemian louche to any outfit. It's the perfect jacket to throw-on over everything, whether the occasion is a big party, or simply getting yourself out of bed in the morning. 

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