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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Scout & Co: Gifts For Kids You'll Want Yourself


I went to see my god daughter over Easter. She's nearly two, and thus deserving of a present. But really, all this weekend proved is that Peppa Pig is her ruling master (along with mummy, naturally.) I went to see Peppa Pig at the theatre with her on Saturday and was treated to the awe-inspiring sight that is a MASSIVE group of children all going "Aaaah, Peppa!" like the aliens in Toy Story might go "The Claaaaaaw!"

Anyway. While I bask in the glow that comes from giving a 23-month-old Peppa Pig addict a Peppa Easter book, I'm planning her next present. Or at least, presents that don't involve Peppa. Funnily enough, everything I've found at Scout & Co is really something I'd quite like myself.

This fabulous wooden Instagram camera would go down a TREAT with a number of design-hungry Instagram addicts I know. However it's not for them - it's for their kids.

I KNOW. Not fair. Not fair at all. But that is the entire point of Scout & Co, a gorgeous online boutique which stocks bright, fabulous toys and accessories for children that are also beautifully designed by a range of brilliant companies. That camera is made by Twig Creative from sustainable wood, cork and leather and costs £24.


We've sung the praises of Robin and Mould a couple of times over the years, and they are just fabulous. Sod the children, these alphabet cat and fox cushions are just lovely, and £20 each. No bloody pigs in sight.

This 3D lion card from Mibo in Hove is in the sale at £2. "Hang on, wut? That's not 3D."

Ok, how about now? YES!

No, really, it comes with a cut-out template to make your very own 3D lion. Also comes in fox and owl varieties, both still at £2. Mibo has also teamed up with Coq en Pâte to make the most beautiful rucksacks with their designs on - utterly gorgeous and £30.

My walls are drowning in beautiful prints and I clearly don't need any more. But oh, this alphabet tree by Hannah Sager Forsberg is just delicious. It's £20, and clearly less use at actually teaching the alphabet than my old Flower Fairies one was, but just so lovely.

While we're on the subject of prints I can't buy for my walls: this! This Pirum Parum poster from Fine Little Day is based on a Swedish nursery rhyme. Check out Apple Papple and the non-nursery rhyme assigned furious tomato posters too, all £28 each.

Robot crayons? For a fiver? That's Laura B and Sian's birthdays sorted nicely.

This Russian Doll wrapping paper from 1973 is just fabulous, and £2.50 a sheet. In fact, all their wrapping paper designs are beautiful - check them out. The Owl and the Pussycat makes me smile for lots of reasons. And oh, those lovely apples and pears!

This game is going to end expensively.

Really though, Scout & Co is a treasure trove of gorgeous designs, and wonderful presents: and when you've finished buying stuff for yourself, there is plenty for children to lap up too.


  1. "Oooh, Robot crayons!" Oh, you know me so well.

    I actually do have a Robin & Mould fox cushion. I like that he's surprised by his jaunty tail.

    1. And my work here is done. (I love their cushions, what a good choice)


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