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Thursday 3 April 2014

Etsy Pick: Gallons Of Ink

Shout out to my fellow Sluttery insomniacs: who amongst us hasn't done some 5am shopping and ended up with a tote bag featuring two rabbits singing Ignition by R Kelly?

Let's have a close-up on their little bunny faces.

I have no idea how I stumbled across Gallons of Ink on Etsy in the early hours, but I am delighted I did. Chloe, the creator of this masterpiece, has a pleasingly offbeat eye for pieces that cross the line from whimsy to "oh WOW I need this in my life." Could I have guessed I needed a Watership Down / R&B mash-up? No. And yet my PayPal account was fired up within minutes.

This has the fabulously deadpan description "a tote bag featuring a hamster wearing a crown, surrounded by Lady Gaga lyrics from the song 'Born This Way'".

Whereas this tote bag features a bearded cat called Tobias. He doesn't get any lyrics. Tobias doesn't need any lyrics. He has a magnificent beard. Like all the bags, he's £7.

Look at Mr Raccoon! His tiny inquisitive face! He doesn't understand your need for an espresso cup and saucer when you could be rummaging in a delicious bin, but he will accept it. He's £10.75.


It's R2-TEA-2! If you love a pun, a good cup of tea, and Star Wars, then this R2D2 teapot and teacup is for you. Sadly the Lego Yoda is for photographic cuteness purposes only. You can have it for £24 and you absolutely must say "the tea is strong with this one" when you pour it. Everyone will think you're ever so hilarious.

Laika was the first dog in space (note: not the first dog to return from space. Poor Laika), and you can commemorate her exploration with this adjustable ring for £5.

Go and explore the whole Gallons of Ink shop to find more ridiculous and excellent (ridiculent? (oh god, sorry)) fripperies.


  1. I love them all. Awww, poor Laika.

    1. Sometimes you see something and there is no question about whether or not you'll buy it. That was me with the rabbits/Ignition bag.

  2. ASTONISHING! *buys two of the R Kelly ones for my karaoke circle*

  3. I need R2Tea2 in my life.


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