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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Fabulous recipes, five ingredients

Most of us at Sluttery HQ really enjoy a good potter around the kitchen. Give us a massive list of ingredients and a free afternoon and we're sorted. The thing is, even though we love to play with our food, sometimes we want a brilliant meal made simply, with whatever we happen to have in the cupboard. Here are our recipes that need five ingredients or fewer.

Gnocchi looks complicated, but it's actually easy to make and rather impressive to serve, we've even got a gluten free version for you to try. If you prefer sweet potato there's also a gnocchi for you, or try our stuffed sweet potatoes instead.

You wouldn't believe that our Turkish pancakes have only five ingredients, but they do. If you don't count the filling, so does our baked omlette roll. We can even do Thai inspired food with limited ingredients.

Not forgetting dessert (would we ever do that?) our pink grapefruit and almond pudding needs just five ingredients. Coconut lime treacle tart is another wonderfully simple recipe, as is lime meringue pie. Posset is an awesome use for just three ingredients and our blood orange meringue posset is a rather splendid example.

Ice cream bread is one of those genius recipes that has only two (count 'em!) ingredients, three if you want hundreds and thousands. Whip up some beer ice cream and use that if you like.

If you're in need of an in-front-of-the-telly snack, you can't go wrong with beer and bacon nutsPork scratchings are an excellent choice, too. And while we're at it, crunchy chicken chicharon is absolutely brilliant.

Some cocktails come with a list of ingredients so long that it gets tricky to remember them all after a few. Our Dirty Secret is not that kind of cocktail, neither's a marmalade Mule. Jimmy's Cranachan is a fantastic five ingredient drink (the dessert's pretty awesome too).

Need more inspiration? Check our the rest of our top ten recipe posts.

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