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Monday 19 May 2014

12 Of The Best Sunglasses

If you look inside my car, you will find approximately 14.2 pairs of sunglasses, from bright red Lolita shades to floral faux Ray-Bans to wasp-embellished cat-eye specs. I like to have summer eyewear choice, and I'm in the mood to add, ooh, twelve more pairs to my collection.

These Kitty sunglasses by Chelsea Doll are going to be whooshing their way to me soon. I do wish they had an over-the-top tail, but I suppose the arm of the glasses could be the tail. ANATOMICAL CONFUSION. They're £12.

Warehouse has some super-nice sunnies at the mo, including this dip-dye feather effect pair, which look more expensive than their £16 price tag. 

La La Land, one of my favourite shops, has come up trumps once again with these Dream Weaver sunglasses, available in pink or black for £15. I do love a heart-shaped frame, and the way the lacy edge softens the pointy bit (technical term) makes them so much more wearable, and so much less painful on the cheeks. 

Jeepers Peepers has such a brilliant range of affordable, stylish sunnies - these pearl-encrusted Isabella shades are £18. I'm also a fan of the pink crystal India specs.

I have a strong feeling that round sunnies are Not For Me, but I'm trying to put that to the back of my mind because I really want these Lucy specs from Accessorize. They come in navy and leopard, too, at £14 a pair.

Hello, cuties! If you want a cat-eye style that isn't too Dame Edna-esque in its proportions, these cut-away frames might be the ones for you. So pretty, and only £12! 

Oh jeezo, I love these handmade acetate sunglasses from ASOS so much. They're £35, but don't they look like they could be about ten times that much? I definitely wouldn't be chucking these in my handbag or pocket in a careless Laura fashion. Oh no. I'd probably keep them on at all times to avoid scratches. 

Tatty Devine's eyelash sunglasses are still so great, I thought I should remind you of their existence. Also great: they're in the sale, down to £95 from £125. I can't spend nearly a hundred quid on glasses I'm likely to lose or scratch (my most favourite green pair went missing when I walked the Great Glen Way - I think they may have fallen off when I stooped to examine a pair of fornicating slugs, which I guess serves me right for being a shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusc voyeur), but when I'm a proper grown up who can look after eyewear, these will be mine. They're bonkers and brilliant. 

These Alexa cat-eyes from Boohoo are so sunshiney! While also protecting your eyes from sunshine! It's like meta-magic. 

Also from Boohoo are these Rachael daisy-trimmed beauties. Yup, I'm still trying to make round happen. At just £12, I think I can afford to give them a go. 

These Orla glasses are another Jeepers Peepers design, this time available from Topshop. The wonderfully-named Wendy Catty sunglasses are also very nice indeed, although I think Toppers are completely wrong when they say they're machine washable. Don't put your glasses on a spin cycle, kids. It'll end in tears, possibly caused by the sun's mocking rays when you are rendered sunglassless. 

I couldn't not include a pair of novelty pineapple sunglasses. Unleash your inner Timmy Mallett at once. 

Want more? Urban Outfitters has a nice selection of styles, and Anthropologie's range is surprisingly affordable, considering they're partial to charging £467 for a dry clean-only tea towel. Frances's latest find, Roo's Beach, has glasses up the ying-yang, and we owe thanks to commenter charlienin for pointing out that The Outnet is selling Le Specs, um, specs, for half price - plus a whole heap of other designer sunglasses. New Look, as always, has sunnies so cheap you can afford to lose them. 

Tell us about your most-loved lost pair of sunglasses in the comments, if it's not too traumatic.


  1. My Le Specs sunglasses arrived this morning from Roo's Beach - they're beautiful!

  2. Ooh those yellow ones are so pretty! My Louche sunglasses are actually still my favourites, I've had them for such a long time but I live in them, sometimes when I'm hungover and it's not sunny at all. I might have to upgrade to these, though:

    And I am still yet to wear the wasp sunglasses of happiness (it really does need to be summer to wear something so ridiculous):

  3. I have the kitty ones, and they are splendid.


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