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Friday 9 May 2014

The Peanut Butter Maker

Let's file this Peanut Butter Maker under 'things we don't need at all but that's never stopped us before'. That file gets a lot of use on Friday afternoons.

I'm not usually a fan of contraptions that take up loads of room in my kitchen but you guys are mad for peanut butter. The Peanut Butter Maker is the perfect kitchen gadget for die-hard fans (that's most of you, then). It makes brilliant healthy peanut butter in a couple of minutes. And you can make cashew nut butter. Brazil nut butter. Macadamia nut butter. You can add all sorts of other goodies like chilli. Or chocolate. This means that you can make your own Nutella.

Buying peanut butter in jars is definitely easier (why are you trying to ruin the fun?), but this contraption doesn't use any oils at oil - that's especially good since a lot of peanut butter brands still use palm oil. This doesn't even use any butter. It somehow turns all of your nuts into whippy liquid like magic. And I love that you can make different varieties.

What could you make with your peanut butter maker?

You could make caranutter pie. Look at Caleigh's piping. Mine never looks like that.

You could make peanut butter ice cream truffles.

You could make peanut soup!

You could make bang bang chicken! (And chicken goujons!)

Or, you could make a litre of the nutty stuff and just eat it with a spoon. That's the best plan. The Peanut Butter Maker is £49.99 from Firebox. That's about the price of 20 jars.


  1. Oh wow! That sounds like the best thing ever!
    When I was a kid, there was a machine in a healthfood shop in Winchester that made fresh peanut butter from peanuts, just like this but much better. I believe it was called a Peanut Butter Queen. It had a handle you turned for smooth or crunchy. I have never seen one anywhere since, but this looks like a table top version. Very tempting, if only for the nostalgia value.

  2. If you have a decent food processor already you can blitz nuts to make peanut butter without adding oil! (the nuts release their own oil as you blend them)
    as shown here:


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