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Friday 23 May 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: Coco Fennell, Lindy Bop & Paisie

It's Friday! It's lunchtime! It's Friday lunchtime! This can mean only one thing: SALES!


Annie dress, £65 (was £79), Coco Fennell

We've already sworn an affidavit* about Coco Fennell's dresses, and it simply says this:

Team Sluttery** 

The Annie dress is one of my favourites, for reasons that we are about to see in The Big Collar Reveal below.

* Oh, all right: written a post. We do write them under oath, though. Frances comes to our houses and looms over us, brandishing a bible and muttering things about the truth. Sometimes she wears a wig made from pony hair.

Look! A parade of ants! (Quite big ones at that.) You'll look a little bit like a classic British picnic, especially if you drop a crumb of cake on your collar and surround yourself with angry wasps.

Cecelia dress, £22.99 (was £29.99), Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop has a really good sale section at the moment. The Cecelia dress is a joy. That bright pink! Those buttons! That ruching! None of their dresses are expensive in the first place, but at £22.99, this is a complete and utter BARGAIN.


Hands collar clips, £10 (was £22), Paisie

Paisie is an all-round excellent shop, and one of our favourites for both clothing and jewellery. These golden collar clips are brilliantly creepy, but not so much so that you'll catch sight of yourself in the mirror and start screaming. Oh, and that cape dress that Sian loves is wildly reduced. Now we can all be detective superheroes, which is all I've ever wanted to achieve in life.

Ring charm bracelet, £26.20 (was £35), ASOS

I am charmed by this charming charm bracelet made of rings! If you're ever short of finger adornment, you can just raid your charm bracelet for an emergency ring. Remember to put it back, though, otherwise one day you'll put the bracelet on and it'll have only three lonely, sad rings hanging there. The runts of the ring litter; the rings that never get picked during social dancing at school. They'll turn on you, those rings. It'll be like a Stephen King novel. But with way more rings.


Bunny bag, £13.50 (was £18), ASOS

We've seen this wee guy before, courtesy of our rabbit round-up. This time he's pale pink, and no less cute for it. I want to ping his little ears.

Cross-stitch clutch, £22.50 (was £30), ASOS

Well this is coincidental, because I'm pretty sure I'm not, too. In fact, I'm practically certain. What about you? Are you? No, I don't think you are. I'm pretty sure you're not either. You're a lot of things, but definitely not that. Phew.

(Do we have any idea what this bag is talking about? I feel there's a reference here that's gone over my head. Please enlighten me.)


Let's Go flats, £21 (was £28), ASOS

Kids, this is what happens when you drink too much Sunny Delight: your feet turn orange. All that beta carotene just goes straight to your toes, heels and ankles. Weird, huh? It's no problem, though, because you can just stick a nice little toggle on there and call it footwear.

Felicity flamingo slipper shoes, £19 (was £29), Accessorize

I have no idea whether slipper shoes are in, out, or shake it all about. Quite frankly, anything flamingo-based is a fashion triumph in my book, so these Felicity slippers from Accessorize are scoring A* in Fashion Maths at Laura's School of Style. The only downside is, you can only stand on one leg while you're wearing them.

Bought anything good in the sales this week, my lovelies?


  1. Annnndddd those flamingo shoes are now mine. Also just bought a bag shaped like a book. Happy pay day to me <3

  2. I have to have all the Lindy Bop sales dresses - great for big girls too!


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