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Thursday 1 May 2014

Buy these immediately: Wine Wipes

I am a red wine drinker. I don't go near white wine. It causes me to shriek like those noisy girls on America's Next Top Model and do awful 'arm waving about dancing' which I don't remember the next day. Red wine is my 'bitch of a day' drink of choice. And that means that by 7pm I usually have red wine stains across my mouth like some sort of Malbec-drinking vampire. (Somehow it looks worse if you wear red lipstick, that's a bugger.) We've written about how to avoid red wine stains, but Firebox have a simpler suggestion that will stop me rubbing at my face furiously with loo roll in the ladies toilet of Terroirs (yeah, I'm all class). I need some Wine Wipes.

The best thing about these little wipes is that they don't taste of anything (although Birchbox reviews suggest that they do have a fairly salty taste, it goes quickly). I'm all for using make-up wipes after an evening out but you can't use them halfway through the night unless you want the rest of your drinks to taste of slightly chemically aloe vera. These little wipes are in a mirrored compact so you can see just how much of a state your face is in after one glass of Merlot and sort yourself out. They might not be rocket science, but they're a brilliant solution to a problem that I face at least four times twice a week. They're £8.99 for 15 and I'm going to need a weekly delivery.

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  1. I need these in my life! Being the right side of my first marathon means I can get back to enjoying a nice bottle of red of an evening (not every evening, mind!), and what a brilliant idea these are! Why didn't I think of it myself?


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