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Thursday 29 May 2014

Tall Girl Treat: ASOS's Amazingly Cheering Clothes

It's raining. It's grey. It's the sort of weather where you just want to go home, turn the heating on, and make a shepherds pie (totally did that last week, it was amazing).

But it's also May! June is next week and summer should be back any moment now. So let's hold on to that thought with some insanely cheering clothes from ASOS's Tall brands. That beyond awesome My Little Pony tunic top is £25 in sizes 4 to 18. You are WELCOME!

My fondness for kimonos is well-documented around these parts. This lovely twisted floral kimono is £45 in sizes 4 to 16, and if you're feeling optimistic/matchy, the matching shorts are £25 in sizes 4 to 18.

Oh I am MAD about this Hawaiian pencil skirt. "It's just grey? WTF?" you say. Negative ghost rider, that fantastic floral pattern has subtle pinks, yellows and greens and an explosion of flowers. And it's £16.50 in the sale. Fetch it, immediately.

Pineapples. Need I say more?

This mesh jersey t-shirt is fabulous, and £20 - only size 8s left, so run. I'm a sucker for what I call "night time florals", which is basically bright flowers on black with a bit of border. It reminds of Lily, Lily, Carnation Rose.

Sigh. I flipping love this pattern - it's wonderful, and great colours. But I can't get away with dresses that short because I look like a giraffe who has borrowed a hand towel and is trying to style it out. If you are braver/less giraffe-like of leg, this lovely botanical dress is £45 and available in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18.


And a TRIO of gorgeous ice cream sherbety sorbet skirty goodness to end with. First up, this gorgeous, cool blue midi wrapover scuba skirt (£30). Next, those scrumptious premium prom midis, first in pink and in mint (both £75). All three are available in sizes 4 to 18.

Still feeling grey and crappy?
Summer is just around the corner, promise.


  1. Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose perhaps?

    Loving the My Little Pony tunic! Wonder if I can get away with it over a 6 months and growing preggo bump?

    1. GOD DAMN IT! I have loved that painting since I was a child and I never get the name right. Thanks PWF, happy pregganising! xx

    2. Just what I was planning to do! But seems to be sold out already!! uk

  2. Those magical places! They're amazing. Also, I love the skirts so much.

    1. The skirts make my head EXPLODE. Such joy! As do those places - such beauty all in one go.

  3. ... what's a scuba skirt?

    Love the My Little Pony tunic!


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