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Wednesday 7 May 2014

I Gotta Bag It, Bag It Up


Yes, it's all about bags this week - a word which instantly puts me in mind of the 90s and a sudden desire to sing "HEY YO HEY YO HEY YO HEY YOOOOOO."

This post was inspired by the most beautiful bag I've ever seen I've seen since last week's vintage novel clutches. Sadly, *cries* the bag in question is out of stock *blows nose* but luckily *looks tearfully upwards at sunlit horizon* its stockist is going through a real land of milk and honey phase when it comes to fabulous bags, so there are plenty of other treasures to covet wildly.

Hello Marks and Sparks!

God I love quilting. About eight years ago, all I wanted in life was a Chanel 2.55 bag. I couldn't afford it, so eventually I bought some quilted pumps from Russell and Bromley instead which were about 85% cheaper, while still nearly bankrupting me. Then loads of uninspiring celebrities started carrying 2.55s and my inner and outer snobbery joined forces and went "No, Katherine. No." and I stopped being sad about my lack of a 2.55. The end. I hope you appreciated that great story!

This wonderful quilted envelope clutch is a gorgeous contemporary take on quilting. M&S have done geometric print FANTASTICALLY well over the last two years, and the red, black, cream and tassels all work with each other amazingly. There is also a strap for those who cannot abide a clutch, and the whole caboodle is £35.


My obsession with silver accessories shows no signs of abating: the other week I bought some silver loafers to go with my silver Clarks and my silver sequin skirt. This metallic bag is utterly David Bowie-ly scrumptious. Hooray for bonus lemon yellow! Hooray for straps! Hooray for £25!

I'm not usually that bothered about satchels as I am functionally incapable of looking like anything other than a massive twit while carrying one, unlike my friends who all waft about looking like blonde Zooey Deschanels. This beautiful nude and black number might change my mind. It's extremely glamorous and has a lovely structure to it, and most importantly, is light years away from any thoughts of school. It's £35.

I'm largely included this pink box clutch (£25) because it looks just like a rosé version of the most amazing clutch that came into my hands via an elderly family member, from somewhere between the 1900s and 1930s. I've never quite got over the fact you can basically attach a chain to a picnic hamper, stuff it full of cigarettes and face powder, and cheerfully call it a bag, but I love the sentiment.

Pink to make the boys wink. And why not?


  1. Love that pink bag! I am a clutch hater. They look gorgeous but I get so bored of carrying them. And how am I supposed to carry a clutch and a round of drinks? I can only assume that people who can be bothered with clutches don't carry their own drinks back from the bar.

    1. Completely with you. I adore the style of clutches up to a point, and that point is not being able to carry everything. Then again, I suppose the point is that you have a minion to do the actual carrying. Until I achieve minion, I shall be happy with a strap.

    2. I'm desperately trying to find an evening bag that I love that's big enough to fit a book in.

    3. Amazingly enough the vintage novel clutches from last week are just the right size, if you want a book with your book. 23cm long!


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