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Friday 23 May 2014

Six shoe styles to see you through summer

Every summer is the same: the shoes and sandals that you loved and wore to death last year don’t have the same magic now. You promised to fix their heels and clean those scuff marks and then promptly forgot as soon as the sun went down. If you’re in a need of a summer shoe fix, here are the only shoe styles you’ll need, they’ll get you through the entire summer.

The ballet flat
I’m all for sandals and toes wriggling in grass in summer but the ballet flat is still a summer staple. It might be warm absolutely baking outside now but after spending all night in a beer garden, your toes are going to get frozen in sandals. Pop some flats in you bag. Don’t get cold toes for the sake of staying out for ‘just one more drink’. And if you’re going anywhere with an outdoor loo, ballet flats will keep your feet safe from unidentified erm ‘fluids’ and make that experience a little less awful.

The party shoes
Summer always means parties. Weddings, engagements, dancing about in a park (we don’t need a reason, but we’ll invent one if we have to). Summer shoes should always be fun so if you fancy a giant flower on the front of your shoes, don’t let anyone argue with you.

The comfy sandal
High heels and summer just don’t mix. Sweaty feet and straps are a horrible combination. Plasters on toes aren’t a good look, hobbling about all day because your heels aren’t quite as comfy now you’re wearing them out of the ‘why is it so damn cold’ air conditioned shop makes for a very miserable sunny day. Instead, a sandal with a low heel will keep your toes cool without you looking like you’ve gone to the office dressed for the beach. Flip-flops in the office aren’t cool.

The summer smart
Speaking of office shoes, you’re going to need something smart. Smart and summery can be a tricky look to pull off. All too often it falls into ‘wedding shoe’ category. Keep things bright, clean and simple and opt for a closed-toe.

The shower-proof pair
The sun might be out but there’s still an 87% chance that it’s going to rain. A flat lace-up is the answer to an unexpected downpour - they’ll work with any of your summery outfits and you’ll still be able to jump in puddles and chase rainbows. Summer rain is actually really fun, especially if there's a storm brewing.

The wedge
The wedge is the perfect summer shoe. It’s a style that doesn’t really translate in winter - a closed toe wedge always looks a little odd. So make the most of them in summer. High heels that you can walk around in all day are ideal. They’re basically the perfect gallivanting shoes and we plan on doing a lot of that throughout summer.

This post was sponsored by those good chaps at Shoes International. What’s on your feet today? Got a favourite pair of summer shoes? Want to start a war against flip-flops? In love with those shoes you stole from your housemate last week? Tell us your footwear tales!

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