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Thursday 15 May 2014

Springlike Jewellery

Got your spring jacket? Now it's time to embrace the greatest of all the seasons - such promise! Such hope! Such occasional heavy showers! - by dressing up in it. Spring accessories are the best.

Meet Betsy the bunny and her carrot. Betsy's made of solid silver (and solid CUTENESS, amiright?), her miniature carrot is plastic, and both dangle from a silver chain that comes in a variety of lengths. She's £65 from Bug.

Spring is when we all head to the nearest seaside at the first hint of sunshine, then refuse to admit that it's actually quite cold and windy and we'd like to go home, please. Much easier to just wear this enameled brass sandcastle ring from The Lost Lanes instead. I love the detail on the turrets. It's £90 but you'd never remove it, making the cost-per-wear approximately 2p.

Oh, Les Nerides! I don't know how to pronounce you but I adore your giddy, charming jewellery. Like this strawberry charm ring from Asos, in the sale at £28. BREAKING STRAWBERRY NEWS: they will be bigger and sweeter this year thanks to the mild winter.

We've told you about the ace (and cheap) jewellery from Chelsea Doll before, and they've done it again with this daisy chain charm bracelet for just £10. Apparently it's featured in You and Your Wedding, Cosmopolitan and Bliss magazines, so it's officially suitable whether you're a grown-up lady getting married, 14-years-old, or love reading about 21 Mind-Blowing Sex Moves every week. God, that sounds exhausting.

The V&A shop is the best place to go for beautiful jewellery, like these flower mosaic heart necklaces made from glass and ceramic set into brass. They're £45 and also come as circles if you prefer.

Let us embrace the inevitability of rain with these umbrella and cloud earrings from Richardsonandrichardson on Folksy. Don't fear the rain: once you're wet, you can't get any wetter, and then the rain becomes your friend. And at £9.95 these are cheaper than an emergency umbrella from Boots that you'll leave on the bus.


  1. I love the castle ring. In winter there will be a version with snow on it.

  2. Love the rabbit necklace, that might be good choice for anyone.


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