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Thursday 29 May 2014

Shop In The Spotlight: Laundry Boutique

I spent last weekend drifting lazily around Brighton, mainly eating ice-cream and buying trinkets and touching tiny fancy dogs on the beach. I also stumbled across brand new shop Laundry, who confirmed they were my kind of shop by offering me a glass of cava as I walked in. (Take note, all other shops.)

Laundry has only been open six weeks and already has the new summer wardrobe you've been wearily searching for, and cheerfully removes all the dreariness of clothes shopping. Beautifully laid out clothes? Yes. Staff who make a fuss of you without feeling like stalkers? Yes. Bright sunshiny colours that err the right side of children's TV presenter? YES. I'd say it was a boutique experience at high street prices if it didn't make me sound like a terrible media tart.

If you can't get to the shop, thankfully their website is almost as fun to play in as the store itself.

Nothing says "yes hello I am ready for summer" like a shift dress covered in sunflowers worn with optimistically bare legs. This dress is £29 and ready to fling on as soon as the rain stops.

We have firmly hitched our wagon to this season's floral star, and this black midi dress covered in gothic flowers proves you can join in even if you don't like soft pastels and creams. It's £25 and you can absolutely wear it with tights until summer restarts.

Guys, don't panic, but I'm showing you patterned trousers. These hummingbird and rose print trousers are entirely wearable with a plain top. They're £42 and should really not be worn with the (lovely) matching top unless you enjoy looking like you're wearing pyjamas.

This yellow box top is both immensely flattering and guaranteed to attract confused butterflies all summer. It's pleasingly loose so wear it to picnics and eat all the scotch eggs. It's £25 and comes in approx. 5748 other colours too (fine, 10).

Petal prints stop this heart design top from being too cutesy. It's £18 and you could wear it with any plain skirt (so not the printed trousers, ok? TOO MUCH).

The only thing stopping me from getting these gold and red sandals is the heel, as I immediately topple off anything higher than 2cm. If you have a better sense of balance and £25 to spare, you'd be the actual queen of summer in these.

And finally, it's what I actually bought from the shop: a black lace jumpsuit, an item I never thought would grace my wardrobe. Petite girls: this fits me perfectly and doesn't look like I'm playing dress-up with my mum's clothes. It's £45 and I want to wear it everywhere. I already have a meeting scheduled with my manager entitled "are lace jumpsuits suitable for work?", to which I hope the answer is simply "hell yes".


  1. Love the jumpsuit, Sara! This pin on our fashion board has really got me wanting a jumpsuit of my own - - so I'll have to check out Laundry's version - new Sluttery uniform?

  2. Oooh, hello those shoes! I think I could cope with a heel that chunky. I'm going to damn well try.

  3. Oh I love everything here! What a brilliant find Sara - that floral midi dress is particularly scrumptious xx

  4. Ooh ooh oh.... maximum size 14. *Marilyn Monroe turns away- sad face, pouty lips, arse too big for these garments*

  5. Basically want all of this, and I have just been paid!


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