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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Pedlars Friday Vintage

Shopping at Pedlars is like discovering a treasure trove of goodies. Their mix of new bits and bobs and vintage pieces really appeals to me. This is exactly how I shop - mixing old and new and buying things that take my fancy and probably don't really go together. The Pedlars Friday Vintage club is exciting enough to even make me wake up at 8am.

Every Friday morning, new vintage pieces are added to the site and they're snapped up pretty quickly. Not much will get me up and in front of my computer early on a Friday morning but vintage goodies and probably Beyonce tickets will do it. There's no use having a nose when you get to your desk, everything will be gone by then.

How great are these cinema chairs? They're £345 for the pair. You don't have to wait until Friday to buy these, you should buy them immediately and invite me over to watch films. I'll bring my own cushion.

I love this bingo lightbox, it's from a fairground in northern England and it's been fully rewired.

Everything comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you know it's the real deal and you'll find out a little more about your new goodies. And Pedlars also have a habit of filling their parcels with secret treats that you didn't order. I love the secret treats.

My favourite thing about Friday Vintage is that you don't know what you'll find, like when you stumble upon a cute vintage shop on holiday. Having a good vintage rummage with cuppa before I've even started work is a pretty great way to start the weekend.


  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart x Charlie

  2. I love the selection of vintage at Pedlars. It makes me lust after things I really never knew I needed, or even existed. Like the cheerleader popcorn speaker things you can see in the second picture. Yep, got one of them.

    1. I'm drinking tea out of one of the beakers in the same photo. If we pooled our things together, our house would look like the Pedlars website.


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