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Wednesday 7 May 2014

Top Ten Lamb Recipes

British lamb is brilliant, even more so in the springtime when it's extra tender and delicious. We tend to overlook lamb in favour of beef, but our little wooly chums have a wonderful meat to offer and we should cook with it more often. Here are our ten favourite ways to eat lamb.

It's a myth that lamb is expensive. If you buy the right cuts, you'll find it to be really rather bargainous. Lamb shoulder is one such thrifty cut. Bone in, try our pulled lamb with spring slaw; boned and rolled, bake it in hay for seriously tender meat. Even cheaper than shoulder, rolled lamb breast is a delicious way to serve 4 for less than a fiver.

Lamb and spice is a great combination. Our bibimbap combines cooling mint with hot garlic and chilli for a fantastic stir-fried lamb dish. For a slow cooked serving of spicy lamb, our Moroccan lamb rice is pretty close to perfect.

Not just for hangovers, our lamb saag is spicily starchy enough to cure you after even the heaviest night out, but is equally satisfying on a cosy night in. While we're thinking about curry, Keema is a great way to transform dull lamb mince into spicy deliciousness.

Steamed lamb buns take time to prepare, but they're definitely worth the wait! If you're hungry right now, you'll need to make our lamb fritters - they're faster than a sheep in rollerskates.

Lamb might not be the obvious choice for a pie, until you try the hot water pastry wonder that is Scotch pie (ours are gluten free). Our lamb chorizo pie is a gloriously rich dish that proves that beautifully seasoned lamb isn't just the reserve of Scottish pies.

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