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Wednesday 14 May 2014

Top Ten Avocado Recipes

Once upon a time, the only place you'd find an avocado (aside from in the colour palette of a 70s bathroom suite) was as a vessel for a prawn cocktail at a dinner party. Not any more. As well as being a source of healthy fats, protein, potassium and folic acid, the oil is brilliant for very dry skin. Quite frankly, we should be eating these things by the dozen! Here's some delicious ways to do that.

We had to start with guacamole. Whether you love it as a dip, side dish or burger topping, we don't mind. We love it so much that we have two recipes for it!

Add avocado to your salad for a very happy lunch. Our prawn and avocado salad is one our favourites. The avocado in our spiced quinoa salad lends a soothing creaminess to the dish. You'll never eat a salad without our little green friend after trying this!

When it comes to mellowing out chilli heat and citrus acidity, you can't beat an avocado. This wonderful mango, avocado and scallop ceviche is the perfect example of that. Actually, you'll find avocado in our sea bass ceviche, too.

Hot avocado?! I hear you ask. Yes, you can do something with those not-yet-ripe-enough avocados when the cravings strike before the fruit is soft. Mediterranean baked avocado adds oozing cheesy loveliness so smooth avocado, what's not to love? Have you added avocado to pasta yet? No, I haven't gone mad, I'm talking about our dairy free pesto!

I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. This chocolatey olive oil and orange cake really does contain avocado! It's right there in the creamy frosting. It sounds a bit mad, but chocolate and avocado are great friends. Embrace that fact and 'counterfeit' chocolate torte and sneaky mocha mousse shall be yours to devour.

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  1. I am just about getting on board with avocado. I'm properly in love with guacamole, but on it's own I'm not totally convinced unless it's covered in salt. Not that I mind doing that to my vegetables.


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