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Thursday 12 June 2014

Aled Lewis' Toy Stories

You may not recognise designer and illustrator Aled Lewis's name, but you'll surely recognise his Toy Stories series, aka 'toys saying things to other toys!' He photographs toy animals in various dioramas and adds brilliantly daft quotes. Basically, if you loved the Tiny Confessions series which brought us the thoughts of household pets, you're going to *heart* Aled Lewis.

Here's the picture that kicked off the whole project - Nobody Likes A Show-Off. Poor unicorn, just unicorning around, being hated on by ponies. This card, along with Murder Mystery, above, is just £2.50 from England at Home. They're the cheapest way to enjoy his art at home and - top tip - if you live near a Tiger store, these frames are the perfect size.

You can also buy them in packs of three from Aled Lewis's shop for just £5. More unicorns!

You can buy prints from the series too but only from an American shop - boo - so you may get stung for customs charges. The prices at InPrnt are reasonable so it might be worth the risk - they're $20 per print and just $15 for shipping.

Add some talking animals to your sofa with a Haters Gonna Hate unicorn cushion from Bouf. You can also get one with the Show Off or Murder Mystery print. They're £39 which is, yes, lots of money, but they're well made and come in soft faux suede which is excellent to cuddle. Oh, and free shipping if you need further justification.


  1. I love these so hard. I bought Frances the fabulous unicorn card earlier this year (also available at Urban Outfitters).

    1. It's got pride of place on my bookshelf. Hard to out-fabulous two fabulous unicorns.

  2. You can get the cards at Scribbler as well - I saw loads in the Islington branch the other day.


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