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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Top Ten Telly Watching Treats

Every two years something happens, which (depending on your viewpoint) is either awesome or awful. I'm talking, of course, about the sporting extravaganza that is the bi-annual major-football-tournament-followed-by-huge-athletics-competition-fest. This year, it's the football World Cup, then the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Even the less sports-inclined amongst us will probably sit in front of a TV at some point to partake in at least one event. That means we need snacks! If you're absolutely NOT watching any kind of sport this summer, these snacks are equally delicious in front of a good film.

Nuts! They're perfect TV-time snack, really. Portable and delicious, our beer and bacon nuts are almost compulsory at a time like this. For some gluten free options, roasted nuts and pretzel mix are sure to keep your wheat-less chums happy.

You don't have to choose between nuts and popcorn, you know. You can have them both. Likewise, we don't want to pick either salted or sweet popcorn, we'd rather go for a salted caramel option.

If there's anything more joyous than eating chips whilst watching other people running around, I haven't found it yet. You don't have to stick to the humble potato chip, there are other exciting options out there. Sweet potato fries should be served with spicy mayo and courgette fries should be served with second helpings. If you want to stay loyal to the spud then Poutine is essential for soaking up any excess alcohol you might have consumed.

Speaking of excess alcohol... you'll need some of that, too! In addition to the obligatory beer and cider (it always tastes better when the sun's shining) you'll need some cocktails. When crowds gather, you need an impossible to get wrong cocktail on standby, the Whisky Daisy is it. Oh Gosh! Might well be one of your exclamations after an exciting goal or record-breaking jump. It's also an incredibly summery cocktail. Whether you're in Brazil, Glasgow or anywhere else this summer, we have instant sunshine, just add tiki drinks.

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