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Wednesday 25 June 2014

Top Ten Gin Recipes

It's no secret, we love gin. Not just a cheeky G&T on a sunny day, mind. LOVE IT. We'd put it in every single meal if we could. Actually, every course of every meal.

The juniper flavours in gin make it great for savoury dishes. Use it in your risotto and you'll be forever convinced that it works. Have you used gin as a marinade yet? We did, and our gin and tonic kebabs are the tasty, tasty proof.

Cake, meet gin, gin meet cake. Two of our favourite things, baked together in glorious harmony. Our hazelnut cake has a brilliantly purple sloe gin glaze  Gin and tonic cake has all of the flavour, none of the booze.

Take cream, dark chocolate, rose and gin, make a ganache. Eat all the gin chocolate yourself.

Now to dessert. Our Hendrick's sorbet is the best thing you can make with a cucumber (see also: GC&T). While you've got the Hendrick's out, make jelly! Glow in the dark jelly, in fact. If you don't have the blacklight to hand, there's always sloe gin jelly. Eat that one with the lights on, please.

Erm, that's ten. I ran out of space to tell you about damson and sloe gin, eyeball jellies or the molecular gin and tonic. Oh dear. Might I suggest that you pour yourself a gin rickey and peruse Nick's favourite gin cocktails?

Need something to soak up all that gin? Check out the rest of our top ten recipe posts!

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