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Monday 9 June 2014

Non-Crap Father's Day cards

It's Father's Day this coming Sunday, so it's time to navigate the card racks for something suitable. I feel a bit sorry for dads who are not into golf, football or drinking (i.e. my dad) as it can be so damn hard to find something appropriate. Here are ten cards that win on style, as well as sentiment.

Do you have a fucking great father? Laura Gee has made the perfect card for him. This Sorry for Swearing Dad card handily does the apology for you too. It's £2.50 from Ohh Deer.

This card from The Hambledon also dishes out the medals for the dads, as so beautifully modelled by a bear in pants. It's £3.95, and for more daddy bears, especially those with an excellent taste in jumpers, check out this design from Lagom, or hold on tight till the end of this post.

Know a man with a love of dogs and a love of Helvetica? Hanna Melin's Dachshund Dad is the card for you (£3 from Red Door Gallery). More of a cat man? Take a look at this instead.

Also from Red Door Gallery is this charming depiction of Man Stuff (although I'd be really happy with most of these objects too - especially those slippers). Dads who are more the urban sophisticate type are sure to appreciate the snazziness of the Gentleman card from Lagom.

Speaking of natty dressers, this Rifle Card Co. is perfect for the man who appreciates a nice cardigan and a freshly ironed shirt. Order one from Quill for £3.90.

I always love the retro illustrations by Sean Sims, so it's no surprise that this depiction of Dad dancing has also won my heart. It's £2.25 from 1973. There are loads of great cards for music-loving fathers, including this cool man card, a kind of compliment from Coulson Macleod and this award for the man would would be The King.

Want something vaguely soppier? Soppy goes better with snot, as perfectly demonstrated by this card from Door 77, £3.50.

Sometimes visual diagrams are better at explaining big feelings. This best dad card by Laura George leaves no your dad with no doubt as to your favourite. Order one from Hannah Zakari for £3.

But perhaps this I Love You Dad card by Emily McDowell puts it even better.

And why bother saying anything at all when a hug probably says it all? As this Paperchase card proclaims, Daddies are for Hugging. Awww.

(Although, if you're not above a cheesy Father's Day card, this one is probably for you.)


  1. Dad Dancing link:

    1. Thank you! Now corrected within the post (although I also do like that Lagom card very much too...).

  2. Cute round up! Was going to buy the Dachshund card. Clicked to buy - £3 for card £5 for shipping.

    Closed the tab.


    1. Yeah, that doesn't quite work, does it? The Red Door Gallery has loads of brilliant things though, I'd say it was the perfect excuse to get something for yourself too.


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