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Thursday 26 June 2014

Tall Girl Treat: Size 9-12 Sandals To Make You Feel AWESOME

To my cost, I've discovered that I don't actually have any summer shoes that are fit for the heat. This is what happens of cowering in the shade all the time; when the sun actually hits you, your feet notice it first!

Luckily there are lots of beautiful shoes doing the rounds at the moment, so here's my pick of the ones that girls with large feet should be adding to their lists.

Up to a size 12

Shoesissima has just brought out some beautiful sandals for summer, and in sizes up to a 12.  That'll do nicely, thank you. 

The Jessica is brand new in, so you'll have to give them a bell to get your shoes.

Up to a size 11


Tall Girls have some cracking sandals this summer, but for reasons that should be apparent under the "OMG, SHINY" category, these are the ones I present to you, the Sluttery reader.

These glitter sandals are £38, and non-leather so good for veggies. Bronze is available in 9 to 11, black in 9 and 11, and silver are sold out in all but 9, but I couldn't not put them all together because the trio pleased my eyes. Soz about that.
If you want something a little less cocktail hour and a bit more "trekking merrily around the sea front in search of adventures", try these.

Not only are these beaded Long Tall Sally sandals available in sizes 7 to 11, they're £30 in the sale. Job done.
If you like a bit more heel support in your flats, try these fabulous black and silver Andres Machado sandals. They're £34.95 and are available in sizes 44 and 45 (10 and 11) on Katie Long Shoes.
 Oh alright, and another Tall Girls one because I really love these. These gold and tan wedge sandals are £39 and available in sizes 9 to 11.

Up to a size 10

LOVE the colour of these Tuka Rose sandals from After Eight. You'll need to make sure your heels are in good nick (olive oil and sugar, ladies. Olive oil and sugar.) but these are great if you've got terrible half-varnished toes that you haven't had time to fix. They're £79 and in Euro sizes 43 to 45 (so just under a 9 to nearly 10.5. Those weird Europeans).
Good old Hush Puppies - these pretty floral Caposhi Sling sandals are available in sizes 3 to 10 and are £31.50 down from £45. They also make me think of comics. A lot of things make me think of comics, but still.

Up to a 9

Frankly, I could be here all day listing sandals that come in a 9, but it's a) not fair on anyone over a 9 and b) what am I, Google? You have the power of the Ultimate 9 to 13 Shoe Guide, go forth and use it! Seriously, I'm going to have to start printing that link on business cards - there is no excuse for girls with large feet to be cramming them into 8s anymore. But I digress.

These are like ice cream for your feet - the best flavour too. These mint sandals are a delicate £20 from ASOS's excellent range of size 9s.

Happy summer to you and your feet. Lots of love, Kat xxx

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