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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Wallpaper Wednesday: Ten Fantastic New Wallpapers

I may have run out of surfaces to paper, but that doesn't stop me obsessing over wallpaper designs. So, while it's been great fun choosing ten of my favourite new papers to show you, it's obviously also been highly traumatic - just think of all those poor designs I've had to leave out. Actually don't - it's just too sad.

But if I had to pick just one design, chances are it would be this dino wallpaper. Because dino wallpaper obviously is top of the wall charts. It's the work of Sian Zeng, whose marvellous magnetic wallpapers Sian kindly showed us before. Yeah, that does mean this paper is also magnetic. Sticking dinosaurs on your walls, what could be more fun than that?

Kids get pitched all the best papers, although I'm sure that adventure-seeking adults will also love this Pirate seas wallpaper. It's from Hibou and it's £70 a roll, so you'd better lay your hands on that hidden treasure quickly.

Of course Scion's Mister Fox paper is fantastic. It's £34 a roll from John Lewis. You can even accessorise with matching cushionsrugs and mugs should you want to (and, indeed, why wouldn't you?)

Another of our favourite wallpaper designers, Barneby Gates, have released some fantastic new designs. I can fully get on board with their Anchor tile wallpaper, available from Rockett St George.

There's also been some wonderful new wallpapers from designers better known from other fields. The lovely Emma Bridgewater, for example, has produced her first wallpaper range, which uses several of the patterns so familiar from her ceramics, from polka dots to splatters. Visit Wallpaper Direct to see the full collection.

I've already got a Bold & Noble year planner hanging above my desk, but it appears they have designs on covering my entire wall with one of their wallpapers. These are gorgeous, naturally-inspired patterns, offering a refreshing change from the standard wallpaper fare of twigs and blossom. These wind-swept trees are a design called Northeasterly.

Angie Lewin's style is so distinctive: you'll have probably seen it on smaller scale prints, greeting cards and book covers. It looks equally glorious on a large scale in this Nature Table design.

We've been fans of MissPrint's pattern for ages now, but the designs seem to be getting better and better. I really fancy the Figs from their third collection.

I've picked out some new print designers too. Graham & Brown's New Wave collection is a collaboration between the wallpaper brand and up-and-coming designers. There are 16 different papers to pick from, encompassing a hug range of styles, from fishes to alien faces. I've been completely charmed by Jessica Hogarth's Bike Ride Yorkshire, shown above. It's also a very reasonable £26 a roll.

Louise Tiler's wallpaper, meanwhile, enters the realms of the fantastical. Her Urban Tree design is really quite magical - and has the look of a far more expensive paper. Bonus points for the Chisel and Mouse styling props too.

Seen any great wallpaper designs recently? Go on, feed my obsession...


  1. Great selection Francis.
    What do you think of my unusual wallpaper design -


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