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Monday 23 June 2014

Etsy Pick: Luna on the Moon

I'm almost giddy with excitement because I've got to a great new source of glitter before Sara or Laura B. But, aside from the pleasure of self-congratulation, it's almost impossible not to feel happy when you look upon the joy that is Luna on the Moon. Who needs a fried egg handbag? Probably no-one, but goodness knows I want one. This is just on the glittery egg on top of a glittery pile of gladness.

Had enough of pineapples yet? How about a glittery one? London-based Kirsty Fate makes these pieces of supreme wonderful ridiculousness with her husband Steve. The shop is named after their rabbit, as all good shops should be.

Perhaps watermelons are the new pineapples. This handbag is almost enough to convince me. At £60, it's also a tenner cheaper than the pineapple bag.

It's hard not to love a heart handbag. This design comes in loads of different colours, all of them splendidly sparkly.

I'd like to hang this close to my mirror as a diagram for perfecting my shadow/liner/mascara. This eye handbag seriously has it going on. There's ones available for all you green and, err, pink eyed beauties out there too. Or you can buy this as a brooch/hair clip.

Because leaving aside the awesome bags, Luna on the Moon also sells a range of hair clips that double as brooches. This brooch is probably the only time I'd want a pigeon anywhere near my hair. And this one only gets away with it because he's so damn handsome. He's £25.

How do you make awesome pink hair even better? Put an egg hair clip on it, of course!

And the answer for how you can make a rainy day even better has to be the colourful craziness that is this rain hat. Glastonbury goers, you'd be wise to snap one up now.

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