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Monday 23 June 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: The Calm Gallery

I'm in the process of redecorating my flat. It's a bit like painting the Forth Bridge: never-ending. My hall could do with a complete overhaul, but I'm just going to throw a lot of colourful and interesting prints at it instead, to deflect attention away from the scuff marks and misjudged drill holes.

My one-stop shop for aforementioned colourful and interesting prints is The Calm Gallery. Formerly Keep Calm Gallery, we've featured some glorious bits and bobs from them before, but now let's settle down with a cup of coffee and examine my complete wishlist, yes? YES.

Heading up the Hallway Print Gang is this Tutti Frutti print by Hand & Eye, which should have anyone who sees it singing and dancing all day long. This is exactly what I need beside my front door. 

If I had this Clouds print by James Brown (I KNOW: Little Richard and James Brown, and we're only a few paragraphs in! It's like the Wheel of Fortune), I could assess the clouds from the comfort of my own home, and decide what to wear each day without the unreliable input of the weather app on my phone. At £35, it's cheaper than ruining my suede shoes. 

Yes, I feel confident that my hall is exactly where the magic happens. This is another James Brown print, and it's £45. 

We already really like Double Merrick, aka British-printmaker-working-in-France Merrick Angle (also possessor of The Best Name). He likes to makes beautiful prints inspired by classroom wall charts and children's reference books. This Planets print might help me finally learn the order of the planets from the sun. Yes, yes, I know there's a mnemonic for that. No, no, I can't remember it ever. 

It's not all about the sky's goings-on in Double Merrick's world. To French-speaking visitors, this Chat print will act as a warning: I HAVE A CAT, AND HE WILL GIVE YOU THE EVIL EYE. To those who can't speak French - Girls Aloud, for example - it's simply a call to action.

Wise advice indeed, but what if I want to be underlined? This Type Rules print by asintended is £25. 

Finally, I couldn't write my Calm Gallery wishlist without including Sluttery favourites Chase and Wonder. This lion is very dandy, and he'd look nice hanging next to his amour, Foxy Lady.

Go and have a rummage through the other prints (and tea towels!) that The Calm Gallery has to offer. Very soon, all our hallways will be colourful and interesting - no paint required.

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