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Tuesday 24 June 2014

Dream Dress: Tennis Whites

I've gone Wimbledon crazy. By this I mean that I'm glued to my sofa with a punnet of strawberries and don't plan on moving until July. I'm also loving all of the white outfits and incredibly tanned limbs flying across the court - have you seen Sharapova's legs? She's got thighs of steel. I've decided the easier option is to look for some brilliant white dresses. Don't wear any of them to a summer wedding. Don't be that girl.

Let's raid ASOS first, because they're always excellent and are back up online after their fire this weekend. This cowl dress is available in their petite range and standard range and it's £35. Let's all marvel at her brilliant hair.

I really like this mesh insert dress. It's also £35. It's such a sexy shape. I'd love to go to summery parties in this. Take note: she might look like she is going to a wedding. She is NOT. She might be going to a very chic Christening.

I absolutely love this broderie dress. It's adorable. But then ASOS went and put some really ugly straps across the back of it. Honestly, I'm tempted to buy the dress and cut them out. If you fancy doing the same, it's £48. Her brilliant platform heels are £60.

This is the only Coast dress that doesn't get too 'weddingy'. It's definitely slightly off white, but let's not quibble, it'll make your cleavage look amazing. It's £124.

This silk kaftan dress is a really beautiful option. If someone could explain to me why it's £299 I'd appreciate it. Hopefully someone at Karen Millen is giving themselves a good talking to as I type.

Topshop's leaf applique dress is so pretty. It's got a very low back so there's no way you'll be able to wear a bra with it. At £90 it's a little overpriced but the detailing is beautiful. The model is clearly pissed off about the price, there's no other reason for her to have such a mardy look on her face.

This daisy shift dress really needs no accessory except for a really great tan.

I really like the bright embroidery on the yoke of this dress. It's in the sale at Warehouse and it's now just £30. The back is a pleasing low v-neck that's not too low for a bra. Loads of love about this dress, I'm gutted it doesn't have pockets.

Oh, nice work, Mango. This shift dress looks so chic. It's in the sale so it's just £21.99. Or opt for the gorgeous Fever shift dress pictured at the top of the post. Just make sure you avoid red wine, at least until Wimbledon is over.


  1. That Warehouse dress is lovely. And the Fever model looks beautiful. And what is ASOS doing with those hideous straps?

    1. She's got a little something of the Emma Watsons about her, doesn't she?

      Those back straps are totally ruining that dress, it would have been my favourite otherwise.


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