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Monday 30 June 2014

Marvellous Maps

Maps are marvellous at any time, but in the summer they take on an extra degree of magic. So many possibilities. So many gorgeous places to discover. So much ice cream to be eaten.

While the world is just a click away, sometimes it's much more fun to pore over something physical. I'm sure real life adventurers don't rely on their phones. Here's some gorgeous globes, prints and maps to encourage the wanderluster in you.

There are many wonderful things to be discovered close to home. I could spend hours pouring over every detail in Bold and Noble's new, incredibly detailed, illustrated map of the UK and Ireland. It's seriously stunning and worthy of some serious study.

It would also look seriously good hanging in a study. Perched atop some National Geographics maybe? (How nice would the slate ink look with those yellow spines?). All this inspiration, and interior decor opportunities, is available for only £45.

These You Are Here brooches by our favourites Garudio Studiage are great for remembering holidays or some prompting, if you're the kind of adventurer who likes to get a little bit lost on the open road. We've shown you the UK map before, but there are also versions to encourage you to visit France, Australia, Ireland and USA, all for £12 each.

These Pin World maps from Volte Face also encourage you to leave your mark on the world. This map is £39.99 and you can get Europe, and even just London versions too. Made from felt, they'd also be a great way to display photos or mementos of a big trip.

Perhaps even more fun is Suck UK's cork globe. Spin it, pin it, find out where you are going on your next holiday (I'm sure you'd be allowed to spin again if you've accidentally pinned North Korea). At £100, it's a pricey option but it does offer excitement on so many different levels.

We've admired the scratch map before - well, here's the scratch globe. It's £19.95 and arrives flat-packed, making it perfect to slip into the case of someone who is about to embark on some extensive travelling. Far more fun than a scratch card. And you're far more likely to emerge as a winner too.

My favourite map, however, may just be the Corona Globe: a collaboration between the clothing brand COS and Nendo. Thankfully for my purse it's now sold out, but it's proof that even globes look cooler when dressed by Scandinavians.

For a final bit of globe porn, check out the story of UK-based globemakers Bellerby & Co.. Their prices go into the thousands, but - oh! - how much more fun than googlemaps?


  1. I love the look of maps, have always been embarrassingly bad at reading them. A friend of mine had her whole toilet wallpapered with a giant map of the world, so you needn't take a book in.

    1. Love that idea - you might never get me out of there though!

  2. I like these postcards that you can sew little journeys on:

    I think they'd be a romantic present for couples on either sides of the world. (I know, I'm soppy.)

    1. Ah, yes, they're lovely. Maps ARE romantic (until you get into an argument about wayfinding, then maybe not so much).


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