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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Top Ten Red Wine Recipes

I'm sure this will come as no surprise, but we love a bit of booze in our recipes. Wine is probably the most obvious addition to our meals, with red wine being a particular favourite. If you feel like you need more wine in your life (and who doesn't?) then you need this list of wine-y recipes.

No, it's not really the weather for stew, but since we're still subject to a sudden downpour now and then, it's always good to have a warming recipe in your arsenal. Our thymey winey chicken stew will fulfil all your comfort food needs. 

Pork in wine is always a winner, try our Afelia or chorizo in red wine and you'll agree. It works equally as wonderfully with beef and mushrooms in our beef and chestnut pie.  As an added bonus, whenever you use half a bottle of red wine in your cooking it means the other half is all for you!

If you haven't yet cooked your spaghetti in red wine, I have something to say. "What are you waiting for?!" Seriously. Do it. In fact, we thoroughly recommend you add red wine to all your carbs. Risotto, in particular, takes on a pretty pink hue when you slosh some vino rosso into the pan. If you're worried about your lips taking on a similar colour, stock up on these fantastic wipes.

Red wine in cake?! Yes. Chocolate cake to be precise. Now, we know that red wine and chocolate can be a difficult pairing, but we think it works brilliantly in these Charoset truffles.

You can, of course, drink your red wine as it comes, but we couldn't mention red wine recipes without fruity sangria or spicy mulled wine. If you fancy a red wine cocktail with a difference, though, try a New York Sour.

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