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Friday 27 June 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: Joy, Cath Kidston & Anthropologie

In the words of B*Witched, sale la vie. 


Tropical midi dress, £33 (was £48), ASOS

Just looking at this tropical print dress from ASOS makes me feel like I'm stepping off a plane in an exotic country, or at the very least it makes me recall gulping in vertiginous fear on an elevated walkway at the Eden Project. Either way, it's making my hair go frizzy.

Jovonna Bambina shift dress, £45 (was £80), ASOS

Sometimes looking for your weekly dose of brilliant bargains is like shopping for a wedding dress - I spend ages happily trawling through pages of pretty dresses, only to come back to the very first one that caught my eye. That is exactly what happened this week with this Jovonna dress. I'm very much liking the pearl trim. It's got a slight air of Queen Letizia about it, which you don't need me to tell you is A Very Good Thing Indeed.


French Connection wooden clutch, £78 (was £125), ASOS

- Knock knock!
- Who's there?
- What? Oh, no, it wasn't a joke. I was just putting my new wooden clutch from French Connection down on the table.

Louche Hampstead bag, £25 (was £50), Joy

I like Ye Olde Laydee charm of this Hampstead bag from Joy. It's the sort of bag that makes you feel important, because every time you need to get something, a Grand Performance must take place. The unclasping of that giant flap (yes, I just said that, and no, I don't for a minute think you're not sniggering about it); the creaking of (fake) leather; the endless rifling around - just getting a snot-rag from its depths is a ladylike affair. Not bad for £25.


Pewter Gleam ring, £24.95 (was £44), Anthropologie

Good gravy, I love this ring. They're probably the crystallised tears of angels, you know. (The Anthro product description is unusually matter-of-fact, so I've had to tread my own imaginative path.)

Beaded necklace, £22.99 (was £29.99), Zara

Delicate strings of beads don't always do it for me, but when they look like a giant yellow beaded BIB, I'm completely on board with the concept. Imagine. I can eat fried egg sandwiches with wild abandon, and never have to worry about the consequences.


Beautannia Cambridge candle, £8.50 (was £35), Space.NK

CANDLE POLICE: "Laura, didn't you say you were on a candle-buying ban?"
ME: "Yes. But --"
CANDLE POLICE: "So why is your basket at Space.NK filled with candles?"
ME: "It was Sian's fault, Officer Wax. She made me."

She didn't really make me. I think she probably knew I'd instantly succumb to a candle that smells like "dusty leather-bound first editions" though, when she sent that fateful email suggesting I check out Space.NK's brilliant sale. From there, it was a rapid descent into candle madness. But look at how cheap they are. I was powerless. 

Caravan sewing box, £29 (was £58), Cath Kidston

AW MAN: I know my twee klaxon should be deafening me right now, but I can't help swooning over this caravan sewing box from Cath Kidston. There's a dog in the window! And dotty Cath-esque curtains! And a shiny silver roof! It is all my caravanning holiday fantasies made fabric.


Felt animal slippers, £14.97 (was £24.95), Graham & Green

Cast your minds back, if you will, to two years ago, when we discovered the cutest slippers in Slipperdom. Okay. Now stop pootling about in 2012, please, and get right back here, because selfsame slippers are in the Graham & Green sale, and the passage of time has made them no less cute. They're for very little kids - up to two years old - but let's not hold that against the younger generation. They can't help it if they get all the best stuff (and we do get full-size fox slippers, after all).

Let's end this the way we started it: B*Witchingly.



  1. I bought three candles and every body lotion and potion that was under a fiver. I'm not sorry.

  2. LAURA! All of the candles arrived! The Brideshead one is definitely my favourite. It's so lovely that I'm burning it at 4pm on a sunny afternoon.


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