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Monday 2 June 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Rosie Wonders

Rosie Marshall, the designer behind the whimsical wares at Rosie Wonders, appears to like all the same stuff as me. Unicorns, Russian dolls, birds, flowers, cuckoo clocks, seahorses, pineapples... her range of stationery, accessories, and temporary tattoos is a colourful celebration of All My Favourite Things. Great news for my eyes. BAD news for my bank account. However, I think I can go crazy and splash out £3.95 for this U is for Unicorn card, because it's got a GLITTERY mane and horn. I'm going to send it to me, from me. 

I'm mega-into temporary tattoos at the moment. I'm way too fickle to ever commit to a real tattoo, so fake ones are a fun way for me to quietly let the world know I'm approaching 35 and possibly having some sort of accompanying mid-life Thing. Rosie's tattoos are brilliant - I want clogs, a ship in a bottle, and OF COURSE a unicorn adorning my arms. Probably all at once. Each pack is £6.50, including some extremely cute finger tattoos, which are scaled-down versions of all her original designs.

If you want to send someone a temporary tattoo in the post - and why wouldn't you? - these tattoo cards are the perfect combination of tiny treat and pretty card. They're £4.50 each. 

The ABC collection isn't just about cards. You can choose any of the designs as a tote bag or print, too. I'm a lion, but I might just ignore my actual initials in favour of a dinosaur. 

Dala horse! Rosie makes jewellery, too, because clearly there is no end to her talent. I love her hand-stitched snowdome brooches, but it's way too warm outside for me to even contemplate buying one just now. Duly bookmarked for late June when summer's over.

This limited edition print features illustrations of some of Rosie's favourite Russian dolls. I wish to see her Russian doll collection IMMEDIATELY. I have a Russian doll collection. One of them is holding a basket of kittens. It is perfect. I really want to create a special Russian doll corner in my living room, and have this print as the backdrop. Lana, Katya and chums can watch over my little ladies while I'm out.

I will now stop writing 'Russian dolls' over and over. 

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