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Friday 4 July 2014

Making a Statement

I love a statement necklace. They're the easiest way to dress up without actually bothering. Throwing a brilliant necklace over a dress that I've worn a hundred times before is my saving grace if I don't have time to get creative or go shopping for something new. I've got my eye on every single one of these statement necklaces, take your pick.

Paisie do a great line in statement necklaces. How cute is this horse necklace? It's in the sale and it's £20. Ooh look, here's a pegasus necklace should that be more your thing (it's very much my thing).

Frances and I both own the ice cream coloured version of this necklace, I like this black and gold version too. It's super chic and it might even make my ridiculous jewellery collection look a little more grown up.

I absolutely love this colourful choker. Usually statement necklaces are huge, this one is quite understated. It's £123 in the Boticca sale. It's causing me to make whimpering noises at my screen.

God, you're just going to be willing people to ask you the time, aren't you? Ruth Belville would be properly jealous of this little number. This is Maria Zureta's showpiece - it's £170 and she does variations depending on what vintage treasures she finds. But she has cheaper pieces and they're all pretty great.

I bought this wasp and strawberry necklace from Karen Mabon at the weekend and I'm in love with it. I'd decorate everything with wasps if I could (except for picnics), I think they're ace. It's £26. Do not try and recreate the look with real fruit and stingy insects, it will end in tears.

This brilliant leather hummingbird necklace is £55 in the Howkapow sale. Snap it up, they're selling quickly.

Oooh this is nice, Accessorize. Very nice indeed. I like the use of *GCSE art term* mixed media here. It's only £19.

Usually this is the kind of necklace I'd hate - too many small sparkly bits, too much fussy beading. And yet the two things together are working for me. I love this. It's £22.

OH MY GOD IT'S A GIANT DINOSAUR! Tatty Devine have reworked their classic and it's bloody gorgeous. It's £135 of rawwwsome. So is her dress, for that matter. This Galibardy triceratops necklace or Designosaur's pterodactyl are both good alternatives if you aren't quite ready to go Full Dinosaur. (You're ready. Give in to the dinosaur.)

I'm so surprised that this jewelled necklace is from the high street. I'm even more surprised that it's Oasis, it looks a little like this gorgeous creation by I Know The Queen. Go all out and wear it with clashing colours and prints. Oh heck, it's £28. Wear it with everything you own, it's wonderful.


  1. You might like the very cutely-tacky shrink plastic necklaces that I'm currently torn over - I can't decide if they're awful or wonderful. So cartoony!

    1. Oooh I can't decide either. I like the style but I don't think I like the actual necklace. Besides, after I buy all of these I'm going to be very poor and will have to resort to wearing them all at once.

    2. You are going to be making a lot of statements.

  2. Love that Oasis necklace, very tempting. I'm also hankering after this one at the moment:


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