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Friday 4 July 2014

Sluttery Sales Spy: Urban Outfitters, Zara & Oasis

It's the 4th of July! Happy Sales Spy Day, everyone! *fireworks* *Katy Perry*


Lantern print dress, £25 (was £50), Oasis

Here's a cheery model to kick off proceedings. She's happy because her Chinese lantern dress isn't going to cause any fires or kill any cows, unless of course she sets fire to it and tries to feed it to a cow. She doesn't really look like the type. I think we and all associated bovines are safe for the time being.

Trollied Dolly Fanciful 40s dress, £35 (was £55), ASOS

Holy Fanciful 40s Dress, Batman! This dress has everything: covered buttons, a stand collar, some light ruching, pockets (might be fake, don't care), and tiny triangles. I read yesterday that triangles are out of fashion. Tell that to the Pyramids. They've been wearing triangles for 9,362 seasons.


Moonshine brogues, £44.95 (was £118), Anthropologie

The more I stare at these Moonshine brogues from Anthropologie, the more I think they're pretty damn perfect. They're Spanish, and leather, and quite glittery. We have ourselves a WIN-WIN situation, people.

RELATED: five things at Anthropologie at the moment are described as moonshine. That's a whole lot of illegal booze and foolish talk, Anthro.

Deena & Ozzy Hettie shoes, £20 (was £35), Urban Outfitters

These Hettie flats from Urban Outfitters may well cause Crazy Paving Feet, and that's why I love them. They come in lots of colours, and that leather looks soft, so your feet aren't going to disintegrate. Probably.


Leather shoulder bag, £33 (was £65), & Other Stories

I know that EVERY time I write about a discounted & Other Stories bag I HARP on about how 1) I have a bag from the sale there and 2) it's great quality and 3) it makes me happy and 4) it came with free unicorns and rainbows and Hilary and Derren inside and 5) you really should buy one even though the postage is £6, BUT: I am going to say it again (I just did, in fact), because all of that is true. What? Is there part of that sentence you don't believe? HARRUMPH.

Pieces Lana bag, £42 (was £70), ASOS

I love this bag with its handle thingy. I have no idea what's going on with the bottom half of the model's outfit. I can't parse those... jeans? It's like she's been savaged by Pudsey Bear. Wait, I found them. I don't know how to tell you this because I know you'll be upset but... they're sold out



Jewellery toolbox, £20 (was £40), Urban Outfitters

Last week, Sara shared her favourite storage solutions - including a toolbox that I simply must have, adept and adroit DIYer that I am (I did a bit of grouting and silicone-sealing yesterday, which went marvellously until I cut myself on a rusty nail and sprayed WD-40 in my face. Sometimes I think the government should just come and trail me with a video camera, because after 48 hours they'd have enough footage to bring back all those public information adverts of our youth, updated for the modern day with me in the starring death role. I'm just off to fly my kite near some pylons just now, actually. I'll have to cross a road to get there. Possibly some train tracks, too. I may very well talk to a stranger. DON'T WORRY.)

Anyway, here's another toolbox I simply must have, this time for jewellery. I'd probably store sewing stuff or general Life Miscellany in it. Or maybe make-up. A face toolbox. After all, I need somewhere to store all the foundation I'll have to buy to cover up my WD-40 splodges.

Pug Positions print, £10 (was £20), Gemma Correll

Much as I love, adore, WORSHIP cats, I'm also quite keen on dogs. Fancy, beautiful breeds of cat aside, mostly when one acquires a cat it is simply A Cat. "What kind of cat are you getting?" - "A ginger one". NOT SO WITH DOGS. My top breed of fantasy dog has changed so many times during the years: bull mastiff, beagle, small wiry terrier thing, and now PUG. One woman who appreciates a good pug is Gemma Correll, and this Pug Positions print is one in a long line of illustrations inspired by her pet pugs, Mr Pickles and Bella. And it's only A TENNER.


Piqué coat, £49.99 (was £79.99), Zara

I've tried on this coat three times in Zara. I've loved it every time. Clearly the model hates it, but we can't all have my impeccable taste. I can't buy it, because I ran over a massive nail (public information advert #36) and my £50 is being spent on a large piece of rubber, but you most definitely should. 

How are you, what have you bought this week, and is the weather nice where you are? We have hail forecast this weekend, so that's jolly. 


  1. Umm, Laura, I kinda like those jeans. They make me think of Bananarama and floppy hats and awfully good 80s clothing.

    Less controversially in love with the Moonshine brogues. Been hankering after them full price, so def going to have to buy them now they are reduced.

  2. Those jeans are shocking. Who wears those out of the house? But that yellow coat now.. That's mine. Yeah baby!

  3. I have the Urban Outfitters Hettie flats and they're great! Comfy sandals stylish enough to wear to work - winner!


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