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Thursday 24 July 2014

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes!

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes not only have an excellent name, suggesting both whimsy and violence, but also a fabulous range of bright, summery jewellery, mainly made of laser-cut acrylic. Everything is made by the cheery looking Sally from her flat in Glasgow, aided and abetted by her cat Chi.

I absolutely deserve a cake merit badge, but alas I haven't made an arctic roll so can't claim it. If you've made our lemon and pistachio version, then you're eligible. Choose your favourite indie merit badge for £15.

BLACK SWAN! I saw the film in the cinema and thought it was an intensely powerful masterpiece. Then I watched it at home with friends and decided it was the campest nonsense since Showgirls. Pick up a black - or white - swan brooch with mirrored feathers for £12.

A laser-cut ferris wheel! With eight teeny pods! Hanging on a long silver chain! It's £34. For that price, you could have got 34 goes on the ropiest ride at my local fair. It was an office chair attached to a cherry picker. For a quid you could go up and then down again. It's much better to buy this necklace than go up and down 34 times.

Where was this cat brooch when I was writing a guide to being a crazy cat lady? It comes in silver glitter or plain black for £14. Obviously you're going to get the glitter one. The choice between glitter and not-glitter is no choice at all.

At the time of writing, it is the hottest day in the history of days and I am wilting and desperate for rain. I shall wear these umbrella charm earrings, in the sale for £2.50, in the hopes they make water come from the sky.

I love these heart mug earrings but it's really bothering me that the red pencil hasn't been sharpened properly. Quick, one of you buy all their stock so they can take this image down and we can all sleep easy at night. They're £12 and they'll probably do you a deal if you buy, say, 40 pairs.

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  1. I went straight over and bought that cat brooch. Can't wait for it to arrive!! Love me a brooch. And a cat.


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