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Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Definitive Domestic Sluttery Cocktail Roundup

Over the years, the Domestic Sluttery writers have collected enough bottles of booze to open a medium-sized bar. We've also had the very best cocktail barman to mix our drinks for us. Cocktail Nick has been mixing, infusing, muddling and shaking for The Boy and His Poison for three years. He's created a cut out and keep cocktail guide and he's written the only guide to glassware you'll ever need. He's the only chap in a team of very noisy women and for that he deserves a martini medal. Here's our definitive Domestic Sluttery cocktail guide.

Of course, our favourite of Nick's concoctions is the brilliant Hendrick's gin sorbet. No need to go searching for our top gin recipes, we've compiled them all for you (honestly, he's all about the gin martini). And we've rounded up our top summer cocktails.

Sloe gin jelly with a scoop of lemon sorbet on the top is your new favourite 'friends coming over for tea' pudding. We've even got a sloe gin recipe for you. If you got any left after all of your jelly making, pop it in a Wibble.

We're going a bit crazy for Negronis at the moment (Frances is celebrating her birthday in Franks tonight). Join us for a negroni gin float. Or a Ms Negroni. Or even a slice of negroni pie (yep, still baking with our booze). Try The Professional if you fancy a twist on the classic.

Damn we love a peach cocktail. This peach and mint julep is one of our favourites. Or you could make a peach and bourbon smash. And do pop some gin and processo in our peach and mint iced tea.

The Greyhound is a truly excellent cocktail but we mainly love it because the piece of lime looks like a dolphin.

It's very, very likely that team DS is going to be drinking applejacks at some point this week. Make sure you also try our apple pie flip.

Remember when we made gin glow in the dark to celebrate Doctor Who? The Sonic Screwdriver is a wonderful thing. So's our Batman-inspired Dark Knight cocktail. Don't get Nick talking about Anne Hathaway.

Damn the Scofflaw is a gorgeous colour, isn't it? To make the most of those martini glasses, an archangel, a London sour, martinez or a Nicola 6 will keep you tipsy until Thursday. And the Eastside? That's the perfect summer drink.

Let's just take a second to admire the Three Kings Cobbler. And then let's make some.

We like infusing things. A lot. Give Nick a jar and some booze and a couple of weeks of impatient 'is it ready yet?' whining and he'll whip you up a great cocktail. You must try his bacon bourbon immediately (and then put it in an old fashioned with a slice of candied bacon on the side). Veggie? Try our apply pie bourbon. If vodka is more your thing, infuse some with strawberries and basil. While you're spending weeks making booze, check out our collection of booze gifts. There's limoncello and rhubarb and custard vodka.

You don't just have to put whisky in your old fashioned. This tequila old fashioned is a thing of beauty. If you've still got a tequila craving, try our chilli and lemongrass margarita or watermelon cooler.

We aren't really shot drinkers (seriously, sambucca really needs to crawl in a hole and die), but there's one exception: the crack baby. We aren't responsible for your falling over. This week we'll also be making one too many Sluttery pitchers, which we thought was a brilliant drink to serve at our book launch. Someone had to go out and get more vodka, someone's mother spent a large part of the evening loudly insisting it was just fruit juice.

We are a huge fan of the hangover-busting breakfast cocktail. If you need to clear away the cobwebs, try a Corpse Reviver #2 or a breakfast martini (comes with toast!) A bloody mary martini will have you back to your old self in no time. The mid-morning reviver was written in celebration of our first appearance on BBC Woman's Hour. We did not partake before we went on air.

And of course, someone has to have The Last Word.


  1. Bookmarking this. I need to have some parties.

    Jx -

  2. Amazing post, I love cocktails :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo.


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