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Wednesday 16 July 2014

New Best Shoes: Clarks AW14

I love this time of year, when all the sexy new stuff is either in-store, or being heavily trailed. I am SALIVATING over a pair of silver loafers from Tods, but seeing as Tods costs a billion quid, I will have to take control of my saliva glands and turn my attention towards something more affordable.

Clarks has been a bit rubbish so far this year - for me anyway, nothing good in a 9 - but having only really rediscovered them this time last year, I'm getting the sense that summer is their best time. There is a metric ton of good stuff at the moment, and here are just a few of my favourites.


Heels! Heels for everyone, starting with the Dalhart Grove (sizes 3 to 8, £69.99). I love the combination of fabrics, and that manageable heel. A starter heel, for people who wouldn't been seen dead in kitten (that's everybody, yes?)
The Always Chic are just that (sizes 3 to 8, £79.99). Also available in patent oxblood and black, they're just brilliant. Soft support for the sole, beautiful fabric and a lovely elegant style.

I long to wear shoes like these, but they just make doorways too impractical. This Blues Charm model has tassels like a boss, and that fabulously slink black patent leather. It's also available in slightly boring brown, and both come in sizes 3 to 8 and cost £69.99. If you like this, try the Blues Myth style - slightly pricier at £79.99, but has extra details like lacing and the odd bit of tweed.
Che eleganza! This good looking creature is the Deeta Bombay, (sizes 3 to 9, £69.99) and also moonlights as black patent and oxblood leather. There is a lot of green and oxblood happening in Clarks this season, which is spectacularly good news if these are Your Thing (hands goes up in the air so fast you can't even.)
Such a lovely shape to the Azizi Isobel (sizes 3 to 8, £69.99). Also excellent: the fabric on the heel, and that sculpted thinger (technical term) on the front. Verdict: dead good.

(You can see why I get paid to do this, can't you.)


Oh good lord these are basically my ideal shoes. I have lived in my silver Hotel Divas since last summer, but they are tragically succumbing to the fate of anything which involves metallic paint which is irreparable scratching. These Busby Jazz (sizes 3 to 9, £69.99) in oxblood are their replacements. You can get them in grey as well, but come on - shiny, deep red, beautiful.
These beautiful Busby Folly loafers are also available in brown leather and black patent, but the green has got me but whatever the equivalent of "the balls" is in women. GORGEOUS. There is a lot of excellent tassel action going on in Clarks at present, but this is its strongest game. Really annoyingly, the green variant is currently unavailable in sizes 3 and 9, but the other variants have those so hopefully they'll come in soon.
MOAR GREEN. These Busby Fizz brogues are the shit. Just look at them! Sizes 3 to 9, £69.99, and also available in black and oxblood - but really, these are the best. I'm purring as I stroke the screen. Wait, this got weird pretty fast. Moving on.

BREAKING: the Hamble Oak brogue gets thicker laces in 2014.

There are a squillion different designs, from green leather to black patent, and a wonderful combi style that looks a bit like a cow. But this is the one to go "Oh!" over: whoever's designing at Clarks these days should have a plaque in their honour. They're not in stock yet, but will be available in sizes 2 to 9, for £59.99.

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