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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Savour The Moment: Our Favourite Savoury Recipes

Since we announced that the site is closing, loads of you have been asking where you're going to get exciting recipes from. Luckily, we've got whole archives of them. There are literally thousands. Rather than leave you high and dry, we've rounded up our finest recipes so you have loads of ideas for what to have for your tea.

We've actually done a lot of the hard work for you - our weekly top ten recipe posts are the best way to search for whatever you want cook. Whether it's chorizo or leftovers or you just fancy something quick for your lunch, we've got you covered. This weekend might involve some of our favourite takeaway recipes, and definitely some telly-watching treats.

You have to make a shooter's sandwich at least once in your life. And our chicken chicharon. Deep fried chicken skins are part of a very happy life. And high cholesterol.

You might think our finest achievement in pasta experimentation is our mac 'n' cheese picnic slice, but you'd be wrong. It's obviously our drunken spaghetti. What's better than cooking pasta in a bottle of red wine? Nothing. Nothing at all. Although our Italian wedding soup might give it a run for its money.

You might have noticed that we're pork fans. It's hard to imagine a summer without our sticky ribs, or without pork scratchings or beer and bacon nuts accompanying our beers. We've even cooked pork in a bottle of red wine.

Oh hey, remember when we made bacon roses?

We bloody love bacon. We love it in all sorts of glorious ways but it's a pretty essential part of a Sluttery breakfast: whether as breakfast cups, in a bacon chapati, or as part of a full English loaf.

We love chicken too (we're really quite greedy), especially when it comes in the form of buttermilk fried chicken. Which you're making tasty things with chicken, have a gander at our coconut baked chicken and Breton chicken recipes. We've even made gin 'n' tonic chicken kebabs.

Chicken makes for a pretty mean curry too: try our spring chicken curry or our mini tikka pasties. With our brains in curry mode, let's not forget our slow-cooked beef, and creamy seafood curries. And one of our all-time favourites has to be this coconut and chickpea curry, you've probably got everything in the cupboard to make it already.

The same goes for Mujaddara: it's a more recent recipe but one that's gone straight to the top of the cheap but oh-so-tasty list. While we're obviously hanging around the lentils part of our kitchen cupboards, we've dug out the ingredients to make our squash and chickpea roast, the Buddha bowl, or the GREATEST HOUMOUS EVER.

Our vegetarian recipes are so popular, some of our favourites include these sweetcorn and halloumi fritters. These beetroot and feta fritters are also marvellous (not least because the fritters in the picture look like the cookie monster). Roasted vegetable couscous is a quick and easy tea, while we swear this veggie Laska has health giving properties. We've got veggie sides covered too, from onion rings to cauliflower poppers to sweet potato fries.

The potato gets a lot of love around these parts too. Especially when coupled with cheese as in these croque monsieur potatoes or tartiflette. We've made them into dauphinoise, tortilla, latkes and aloo masala. No spud has been left unearthed in our hunt for the best potato recipes.

Pastry - go on, buy the readymade stuff, we won't tell - is a great way to bring great things together: Pear, dolcelatte & walnut? Check. Salmon and broccoli? Yep. Roasted fennel and feta. Aha.  But a really simple pleasure is this red onion tart.

Of all the fish and seafood recipes we've done, our gluten free fish fingers are our favourite. Obviously. The Spanish seafood stew is also a staple around these parts. For a speedy supper, these smoky mussels are damn impressive, while our kedgeree doubles up as supper/hangover breakfast. (We won't tell anyone about our dirty anchovy pasta secret if you don't.)

It's not just our fish fingers that our suitable for a gluten free diet. Caleigh's magic has created gluten free gnocchi, ravioli and this delicious bibimbap too, to name just a tiny fraction of our g.f. repertoire.

There are thousands of recipes in our archives: go and explore them. You'll never need to resort to beans on toast for tea again. But if you decide you do, we've got that covered too.

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