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Monday 21 July 2014

Shop in the Spotlight: Kate Broughton

Illustrator and designer Kate Broughton is most definitely a woman after our own hearts. Her shop is overflowing with beautiful stationery and accessories adorned with Things The Domestic Sluts Are Very Fond Of, including woodland animals, cats, birds, teapots, and cocktails. Everything is extremely relevant to our interests, which makes not buying it all very difficult indeed. 

First up: I do enjoy a pretty greetings card, and Kate has masses of 'em. This teapots card comes with a teabag, so you're sending not just a gorgeous illustration, but ten minutes of feet-up time and at least one loud exclamation of "AAAH, LOVELY", too. It's £3.50 of relief and relaxation. 

Birdlovers will appreciate these bird seed cards, available in five designs. And if you know someone with a garden/allotment/balcony/windowsill, a vegetable seed card is the perfect little postal surprise. 

Grown-up colouring-in is a brilliant pastime. All the boozy hits have made it into this classic cocktails colouring book, and it includes recipes for all 11 drinks. Not that you'll need those, because you've already got Nick's back catalogue bookmarked, haven't you? Very good.  

The cocktail theme continues with this gorgeous giftwrap set. Each pack contains four sheets of wrapping paper and matching tags. I also love the winter lodges design, even though we're in the middle of a heatwave. I probably love it twice as much because we're in the middle of a heatwave. Oh, to be cold again. Just for a second. 

Nail decals are the only form of nail art I can be bothered with. They are truly unfuckupable, and inspire passers-by to ask, "WOW! Did you paint those individual portraits of Doge and accompanying Comic Sans catchphrases yourself?", to which I will always reply, "Why, yes. Yes I did, and it took me HOURS". And now, thanks to these nail stickers, I'll be able to pretend that I've painted tiny badgers on my fingertips. Or owls. Even sewing machines! Each pack is £3 for 24 stickers, and there are 19 designs to choose from. 

Speaking of owls, how great is this writing set? It's got stickers and everything. Snowy's my fave. Each set is £8, and other designs include toadstools, for the fun guy in your life, and British tits, for the... um. OH BEHAVE.

There's loads more to explore in Kate's shop, from badges to mirrors, notebooks to prints. Her illustrations are beautiful, and I love that you can choose to decorate your home, body, stationery, even your fridge with them. Would head-to-toe stoat tattoos be too much, do you reckon?


  1. Team, just to let you know that, upon opening (via RSS if relevant), the screen looks as if has zoomed in, c. 250%. Was OK yesterday.

    1. How odd, it's fine when I go through my RSS.

    2. Hmm, re-sized via ctrl/- and is now fine...I hate computers. Thanks for checking, though!

    3. Of course! We want everyone to see that gorgeous wrapping paper perfectly.


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